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The Hidden Engine Behind Riots and Wars

The Hidden Engine Behind Riots and Wars

Do you share the common belief that riots, civil unrest or political instability may and often do cause stock market declines? Yes, it makes sense. It seems logical and probably that is the reason why it is the explanation, which the large media offers you, when there is civil disobedience and the stock market of that particular country is falling. Once again, it makes sense… but it is not true.
In order to support this statement, this infographic will show you numerous cases of declining markets accompanied by riots, protests and even wars. You will see price charts of those market declines as well as the time, when the unrests took place. As you will find out, the market has been going down long before the start of the public’s anger. And charts do not lie. In fact, in many occasions the riots would mark the end of the negative market phase and the beginning of the new uptrend. Does this mean that John D. Rockefeller was right, when he said “the way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”?

The hidden engine behind riots, protests and wars worldwide

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