Gold has been considered the ultimate safe haven for many years. That 30% decline in the price of gold in 2013 showed that the market simply does not care about traditions. Want to know where bullion and other precious metals are going next? This is the section to be in.
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Gold Tumbles Despite Clashes in Jerusalem

gold elliott wave analysis december 4

It has been a bad week for gold bulls. The yellow metal has been trading in a range between $1260 and $1306 for over two months and many thought it was trying to find a base to bounce up from. Unfortunately, the $1260 support everyone was heavily relying on suddenly gave up, opening the way…

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Here is Why Gold Prices Turned Bearish From $1306

gold elliott wave analysis oct 16

Gold’s last major bottom was formed at $1260.50 on October 6th, following a decline from as high as $1357. By October 16th, the price of the precious metal was up to $1306 for a recovery of over $45. But instead of continuing to the north, the bulls could not breach this barrier and fell pray…

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Elliott Wave Ahead of Gold in Both Directions

gold elliott wave analysis sep 25

Last week was hardly the best one gold bugs ever had. The yellow metal declined from $1319 to a low of $1288, before settling at $1297 for the weekend. So it made sense to expect more weakness after the open on Monday. Instead, the bulls returned to lift the price to $1313.57 by Tuesday, which…

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Gold, Trump, North Korea and the Moving Stop Order

gold elliott wave analysis july 17

You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to find a good enough explanation for the recent surge in the price of gold. On one hand, there is North Korea, whose hostile behavior and multiple missile launches show just how fragile peace really is. On the other, there is Donald Trump, who has never been…

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Gold Surges. Save the Useless Explanations

gold elliott wave chart may 15

The price of gold surged to $1296 yesterday, which is its highest level so far in 2017. Mainstream media says political tensions following the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and Qatar’s isolation in the Middle East are among the reasons investors are buying gold and other precious metals, considered to be safe-haven assets. Explanations…

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Price of Silver Could be Aiming at 22.00

silver elliott wave chart

The price of silver bottomed at 15.62 in the last month of 2016 and has been in an uptrend ever since. The precious metal is currently trading at $18.33, after recovering from its mid-March swing low. On the other hand, we could also say that the current price of silver is in the middle of…

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The Elliott Wave Logic in Gold’s Ups and Downs

There is a pattern to be found in gold’s seemingly random walk In the middle of last month, the price of gold was hovering around $1230 for a while. Then, on February 15th, it made a bottom at $1216.60 and started rising again. The optimism went on for a couple of weeks until the precious metal…

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Gold’s Sudden Crash Mystery Explained

It was all looking good for gold at the start of the week. The precious metal seemed ready to continue the recovery from $1123 after climbing to a new intraday high of $1220 on Tuesday, but unfortunately for the bulls, it was not meant to be. Instead, a long a sharp decline of nearly $40…

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Gold Demands More Than Just a Forecast

After plunging to $1241 a month ago, gold finally managed to reach the $1300 mark again and is currently trading slightly above it. Expecting a recovery of over $60 is not an easy task, especially after a a slump of similar size. Fortunately, to Elliott Wave analysts, “not easy” does not mean impossible. Three weeks…

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Gold: Two Waves and the Reversal in Between

Gold was going down ever since it touched $1375. It made an attempt to reach those highs again in July, but did not succeed. Instead, the bears took control again, causing a plunge to as low as $1302.40 last week, breaching the previous low at $1310.70. Such a breakout has probably triggered a lot of selling…

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Gold or How to Predict a Brexit

Gold is considered to be a “safe haven” in times of uncertainty. So the common logic says that when something totally unexpected happens, such as Brexit, panicked investors buy gold to protect themselves from the falling prices in other markets, thus causing the price of the yellow metal to surge. So far so good. The…

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Gold: Did You Buy the Dip?

Gold has been doing great recently. The precious metal rose to as high as 1316 and having in mind the rally initially began from 1046, it is no wonder last week’s pullback from 1316 to 1276 was looking like a good ”buy the dip” opportunity to most people. Unfortunately, the price of gold tumbled even more…

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What Went Wrong for Gold?

What wont wrong for gold? Ever since the precious metal bottomed at $1046 in December, 2015, it has been steadily rising. Six months later, in the beginning of May, the price of gold rocketed to nearly $1304. And just when everyone thought the rally was going to continue even higher, the bears decided they have…

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Silver to Run Out of Fuel, Again?

Just eight days ago, on April 5th, Silver was trading around 15.10 after having bottomed at 14.78 a couple of trading days before. That was also the day, when we published “Silver Has Been Great. Now What?” to share with our readers that the Elliott Wave Principle was flashing bullish signs. The following chart was…

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Silver Has Been Great. Now What?

It has been less than a week since we published “What Is Next for Beaten Down Silver?” on March 29th. This article came right after a steep decline of about a dollar an ounce in the price of silver. Its purpose was to show how we could predict reversals, but also to warn traders for an upcoming…

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