Bitcoin is slowly but surely establishing itself as a payment system. The cryptocurrency has officially been recognized as a legal method of payment in Japan and many businesses around the world are already using it for their daily transactions. There is not doubt its significance can no longer be ignored. But the virtual currency is not regulated by a central bank. The price of bitcoin at any given moment is the product of people’s attitude and expectations towards it, which makes it extremely volatile. That is why we think Elliott Wave analysis is the right tool for the job, when analyzing and predicting it.
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Dash Crashed Right On Schedule. What’s Next?

dash cover

This week’s crash in the price of Bitcoin dragged virtually all other cryptocurrencies down with it. The total capitalization of the entire crypto market was down by almost $400 billion at one point on January 17th. Dash, currently the eleventh largest virtual currency, was no exception, falling from a high of $1247 to as low…

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Bitcoin Bloodbath Was Ten Days in the Making

bitcoin elliott wave analysis january 7

So far, 2018 is definitely not what crypto investors were hoping for. The entire cryptocurrency market crashed yesterday as each coin lost between 15% and 40% of its market capitalization. Bitcoin, the biggest virtual currency out there, could not escape the bloodbath, as well. BTCUSD fell to an intraday low of $10 162 for a…

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Ripple’s Rally Still Has Room to Run

ripple elliott wave analysis

Ripple, the only major cryptocurrency that is centralized, briefly became the second largest after Bitcoin, after its price rose from below 20 cents a coin on December 8th, 2017, to over $3.31 by January 4th, 2018. As of this writing, it has been surpassed by Ethereum again, but it still maintains a total market capitalization…

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4 Tips to Invest Safely in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

Invest safely in bitcoin, ethereum, ripple

Scams, hacking and cryptocurrency exchanges going bankrupt have plagued the cryptocurrency community and have spooked investors in 2017. The picture for 2018 probably won’t change too much. Many traders using our services at have been interested in trading bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and other altcoins so we decided to find out how they can protect…

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Dash Intraday Pattern Points South

dash elliott wave analysis jan 3

Similarly to most other cryptocurrencies, Dash had an amazing 2017, climbing to as high as $1569 in December. However, the second half of last month was not that good, after DSHUSD fell by nearly 49% to $801 per coin by December 22nd and still has not been able to fully recover. As the tenth largest…

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Bitcoin is Not a Bubble, Because… Oh, Really?

bitcoin bubble or not

Bitcoin is everywhere you look these days. From bank officials, to hedge fund managers, to IT specialists, people with different professions, level of education, interests and investing experience are talking about Bitcoin. And who can blame them – the virtual currency is conquering milestone after milestone, climbing from $8000 to over $11 000 in just…

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ETHUSD’s Phenomenal Rally Cannot Last Forever

ethusd elliott wave analysis november 28

The market capitalization of Ethereum, the largest cryptocurrency after only Bitcoin, is currently in the vicinity of $46 billion with its price hovering around $470 per coin. Two months ago, though, things were not looking that good for the bulls. On September 14th, ETHUSD was closer to $270, wandering in no man’s land between the…

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Dash’s Bullish Reversal Was Worth Waiting For

dash elliott wave analysis november 15

On October 5th, Dash was the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of roughly $2.3 billion. Over a month later, it is still sixth, but in such a short time has managed to add another billion dollars to its capitalization, which currently stands at $3.3 billion, after DSHUSD rose to nearly $500 per coin…

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Not Your Ordinary Bitcoin Pullback…

The price of Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $7888 two days ago, making the biggest cryptocurrency in the world even bigger by taking its market capitalization to roughly $130 billion. Today, Bitcoin’s market cap is reduced to $110 billion after its price plunged to $6490 as of this writing. Crypto traders are used…

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Bitcoin’s Resiliency Exceeds Expectations

bitcoin elliott wave analysis november 1

It is no secret that we have been skeptical about Bitcoin’s uptrend going forward for while now. We still are. The price is up by over 600% this year, showing all signs of a bubble. This, however, does not mean we have turned bearish just like that. The Elliott Wave Principle proved to be a…

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Elliott Wave Setup Sends Bitcoin to All-Time High

bitcoin elliott wave analysis oct 29

Ever since it climbed to $6180, Bitcoin has been rather indecisive. The price of the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell to $5366 at one point on October 25th. Fortunately, it was Wednesday, which means it was time for our mid-week update. In a single .pdf file we provided a short-term update on all seven…

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Elliott Wave Pattern Gives NEO Bulls Hope

neo usd elliott wave analysis

As of today, NEO is the ninth largest cryptocurrency, closely following BitConnect and closely followed by Monero. With a market capitalization of less than $1.4 billion, NEO is hardly as important as Bitcoin, which exceeded the $100 billion mark last week, but this does not mean it cannot offer some interesting opportunities. The price of…

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Bitcoin Breaches $5000 Despite Political Crackdown

bitcoin elliott wave analysis 17 sep

Bitcoin’s phenomenal surge continues as the cryptocurrency not only breached the $5000 barrier, but almost climbed to $5200 today. Less than a month ago, BTCUSD was trading below $3000 for a while, following a crash from $4980, which fortunately, the Elliott Wave Principle managed to prepare us for early enough. We have been closely following…

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Dash Prices Bumping Into Fibonacci Support

dash elliott wave analysis

Dash is the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization slightly below $2.3 billion, or $297.60 per coin as of this writing. Dash fell to as low as $219 in the middle of September, then jumped sharply up to $370 just a week later, before declining to the $300 mark again, leaving bulls and bears…

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Litecoin Poised For a Short-Term Rally

litecoin elliott wave analysis

The crypto revolution has already produced thousands of different currencies, many of which would probably fail to survive the test of time. One of the ones that maybe would is Litecoin. As of this writing, with a market capitalization of roughly $2.8 billion, Litecoin is the fifth largest virtual currency, behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and…

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