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Bitcoin is slowly but surely establishing itself as a payment system. The cryptocurrency has officially been recognized as a legal method of payment in Japan and many businesses around the world are already using it for their daily transactions. There is not doubt its significance can no longer be ignored. But the virtual currency is not regulated by a central bank. The price of bitcoin at any given moment is the product of people’s attitude and expectations towards it, which makes it extremely volatile. That is why we think Elliott Wave analysis is the right tool for the job, when analyzing and predicting it.

Bitcoin Traders Prepare for Another Correction

elliott-wave-chart-bitcoin may 5th

Bitcoin traders took the price of the virtual currency to a new all-time high of $1623 on the Bitstamp exchange yesterday. Soon after that it fell by nearly $180 to $1444, before recovering to $1609 again. The cryptocurrency’s violent swings no longer surprise anyone and with Elliott Wave analysis, their direction is not such a mystery, as […]

Ethereum Ready for a Pullback?


Less than two years since its launch on July 30, 2015, ethereum has already become the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of roughly $4.5 billion, trailing only to bitcoin’s $20 billion. We are definitely not the people to ask how exactly the blockchain technology works, but ethereum’s decentralized nature means its price […]

Price of Bitcoin Short-Term Vulnerable

price of bitcoin 4h chart

In our previous article about the cryptocurrency, titled “Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC? No Problem!”, we expressed a bullish opinion, shortly after the price of bitcoin touched a low of $944. The positive outlook was motivated by the Elliott Wave interpretation of the 4-hour chart below. As visible, this chart made the classic 5-3 […]

Bitcoin And Broken Dreams


Lots and lots of investors put their hopes in the virtual currency. 2014 was a very disappointing year for Bitcoin as the markets dragged prices down over 70%. The picture in the first month of 2015 does not differ much. 2015 began with a slump in prices of over 50%, bringing prices down to a fresh […]

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin WXY

Many Bitcoin fans like to say, that we – chartists – do not understand the crypto-currency and its behavior. There are Bitcoin lovers, still blinded by the past performance of the virtual currency, neglecting the change in trend. Ignorance is the cause why many investors took a hit, when Bitcoin topped in December 2013. Today we […]