Bitcoin is slowly but surely establishing itself as a payment system. The cryptocurrency has officially been recognized as a legal method of payment in Japan and many businesses around the world are already using it for their daily transactions. There is not doubt its significance can no longer be ignored. But the virtual currency is not regulated by a central bank. The price of bitcoin at any given moment is the product of people’s attitude and expectations towards it, which makes it extremely volatile. That is why we think Elliott Wave analysis is the right tool for the job, when analyzing and predicting it.
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Three Weeks Ahead of Bitcoin’s Terrifying Selloff

bitcoin elliott wave forecast

It was September 1st, when the price of Bitcoin was hovering around the $5000 mark. Today is September 15th and the markets once again proved that for the cryptocurrency, two weeks is a very long time. BTCUSD just fell to $3051 on BITSTAMP and even lower on some of the other exchanges, erasing roughly 40%…

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Ethereum’s Elliott Wave Pattern Points North

elliott wave analysis ethereum ethusd

On September 1st the price of Ethereum climbed to $395, making the impression the second largest cryptocurrency was going to reach a new all-time high very soon. Unfortunately for the bulls, ETHUSD reversed to the south for a 35% plunge to as low as $256 as of yesterday, September 13th. Crypto investors are starting to…

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BTCUSD Ready for Another Terrifying Pullback?

btcusd elliott wave analysis august 25

It has been a little over a month since BTCUSD fell to $1830 on July 16th. Just as panic was starting to settle in, the bulls returned with fury. A few days ago, the biggest cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high of $4480. The hard fork is behind us already, Bitcoin Cash is doing pretty…

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What’s Next After Bitcoin’s Scary Dip and Sharp Bounce

bitcoin index elliott wave analysis

It has been twelve strange days since our last update, titled “Bitcoin Traders Running for the Hills Already?” Strange, because of what happened to the price of the cryptocurrency during that time. But let’s take a look at the Elliott Wave chart we published on July 12th, while BTCUSD was trading near $2330 and see…

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Bitcoin Traders Running for the Hills Already?

bitcoin traders

The last 30 days did not bring a lot of joy to cryptocurrency traders, to say the least. Bitcoin reached, and on some exchanges even exceeded the $3000 mark on June 12th, but instead of continuing to the north, it fell to as low as $2120 on June 15th. Nearly a month later, the biggest virtual currency is…

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ETHUSD’s Huge Surge Comes With Huge Risks

ethusd elliott wave chart 16 june

The price of Ethereum – the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization – is currently hovering around $340 a coin, down from as high as $412 earlier this week. Despite the pullback, ETHUSD is still up by over 4100% since the start of 2017, which makes it the most likely candidate to take Bitcoin’s crown.…

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Bitcoin Bubble: Is It “Different This Time”?

Our first bullish outlook on the biggest cryptocurrency, titled “Bitcoin Hiding an Ace in the Sleeve” was published less than a year ago, on August 1st, 2016, when BTCUSD was trading near $620. It has been a wild ride, but ten months later, the price on most exchanges is hovering around $2900 per Bitcoin. And…

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Bitcoin’s Crash and Its Elliott Wave Meaning

bitcoin updated elliott wave chart

If the market was a human being, every psychiatrist would easily be able to diagnose it with bipolar disorder, but when it comes to Bitcoin, it is nothing short of schizophrenia. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency more than doubled in less than a month, after its price climbed from $1348 at the start of…

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Bitcoin Traders Prepare for Another Correction

elliott-wave-chart-bitcoin may 5th

Bitcoin traders took the price of the virtual currency to a new all-time high of $1623 on the Bitstamp exchange yesterday. Soon after that it fell by nearly $180 to $1444, before recovering to $1609 again. The cryptocurrency’s violent swings no longer surprise anyone and with Elliott Wave analysis, their direction is not such a mystery, as…

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Ethereum Ready for a Pullback?


Less than two years since its launch on July 30, 2015, ethereum has already become the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of roughly $4.5 billion, trailing only to bitcoin’s $20 billion. We are definitely not the people to ask how exactly the blockchain technology works, but ethereum’s decentralized nature means its price…

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Price of Bitcoin Short-Term Vulnerable

price of bitcoin 4h chart

In our previous article about the cryptocurrency, titled “Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC? No Problem!”, we expressed a bullish opinion, shortly after the price of bitcoin touched a low of $944. The positive outlook was motivated by the Elliott Wave interpretation of the 4-hour chart below. As visible, this chart made the classic 5-3…

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Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC? No Problem!

bitcoin price chart

Last Friday, March 10th, the SEC rejected a proposed change in its rules that would have allowed the Winklevoss brothers to create the first Bitcoin ETF. Following the decision, the price of the cryptocurrency fell over 20%, from nearly $1290 to as low as $975 in a matter of minutes. And while the speed and…

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Bitcoin Elliott Wave Outlook Ahead of the SEC

bitcoin relative strength index bearish divergence

A month ago, on February 10th, we examined bitcoin’s tendency to extend the fifth waves of the impulse it draws. As of the time the article was published, the cryptocurrency was trading around $960, after a crash from $1075 to $914. But instead of selling with the other bears, the lessons learned from bitcoin’s manic-depressive past…

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4 Lessons From Bitcoin’s Manic-Depressive Past

A vital lesson to learn from Bitcoin’s short, but violent history Bitcoin crashed. Again. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency fell from as high as $1075 to below $914, bringing back the memories from the disastrous selloff we saw in the first days of 2017. It looks like each time Bitcoin rises significantly, a violent reversal follows. Obviously, the digital…

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Bitcoin Climbing the Wall of Worry Again

The first few days of 2017 made the growing Bitcoin society very excited. The price of the digital currency exceeded the $1000 mark and even managed to climb to $1140 on January 4th. Unfortunately, the very next day reduced the bulls’ hopes to ashes, after Bitcoin plunged to as low as $885 in a matter…

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