Trading Style. What is Your Hunting Tactics?

Market trends are fractal in nature. This means that the same trading setups can be found on all time-frames – from the smallest to the largest. But this could turn out to be a problem, because the bigger the horizon, the longer you have to wait before getting any results. So what trading style to choose? Here is an infographic with four suggestions, based on people’s patience and risk tolerance levels.
trading style infographics
How patient you are and the amount of risk you are willing to take are the two basic traits, which form your trading style. It is all about feeling comfortable in the market’s uncertain environment and still getting positive results. Every market participant has a different set of individual personality characteristics. One could be more or less patient than the other, which is why a single universal type of trader does not exist. You could trade as fast as the hummingbird’s wings vibrate or you could slowly travel through the decades like the Galapagos tortoise. It is really all up to you. So what is your hunting tactics?


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