Illumina Stock Outperforms, Walks on Thin Ice

illumina stock elliott wave analysis

There is no question that keeping all eggs in one basket is a risky strategy to rely on in the markets. However, if investors held nothing but Illumina stock for the last two years, they would have beaten the S&P 500 by a large margin. Shares in the biotechnology company have risen by over 76%…

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Intel’s CPU Disaster Anticipated by Elliott Wave Analysis

intel stock elliott wave analysis january 5

Intel had a great 2017, finishing the year at $46.50 a share for a total gain of 27%. 2018 did not begin very well, though. The stock just fell to as low as $42.69 yesterday, after it became clear that major security flaws found in Intel’s processors make smartphones and PC’s vulnerable to hackers’ attacks.…

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AMD’s Crypto-Inspired Stock Chart Looks Promising

amd stock elliott wave analysis

The biggest profits during the gold rush of the 19th century were made by those selling picks and shovels. Similarly, graphics cards providers are currently making a killing as the crypto mania inspires a lot of people to spend big on mining equipment. As Intel stock keeps tracking the Elliott Wave path, it is time…

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Buckle Stock Declares the Retail Crisis Over

buckle stock elliott wave analysis

Most retailers must be very happy 2017 is over. It has been an extremely tough year for the sector as store closures and even bankruptcies mounted. Fast-food chains, apparel stores, specialty retailer and even grocers felt the pressure of declining mall traffic and changing customer habits. As a result, their stocks sold off, as well.…

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Freeport McMoran Suddenly Loved by Everyone

freeport mcmoran elliott wave update

Almost nine months ago, on March 31st, the share of leading copper miner Freeport McMoran was hovering around $13.30. The company’s debt load was troubling, an extended strike at their Grasberg mine was disrupting the working process and on top of that, the Indonesian government said the country wants to renegotiate the terms of its…

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Amazon Stock to Let Traders “Buy the Dip” Soon

amazon stock elliott wave analysis

It has become a habit for Amazon stock to defy gravity. The stock’s phenomenal rise makes fundamental value metrics like price to earnings or price to book seem obsolete. AMZN‘s current price of $1194 divided by last year’s profit per share of $4.90 gives the stock a trailing P/E ratio of 244. For your information,…

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WW Grainger Bulls Need to Relax a Little

ww grainger elliott wave analysis

Shareholders of WW Grainger, an Illinois-based Fortune 500 industrial supply company, did not particularly enjoy the last four years. The stock reached an all-time high of $276 per share in September, 2013, but fell below $165 by late-August, 2017 for a 40% decline in less than 4 years. The last four months tell a different…

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Vestas Wind Systems Facing Elliott Wave Headwinds

vestas wind systems elliott wave analysis update

Four months ago, the stock of Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer, was hovering above $95 a share, climbing to heights not seen since September, 2008. The world is slowly but surely switching to green energy. In addition, the company’s new CEO was doing a great job since his arrival in 2013,…

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Intel Stock Keeps Its Elliott Wave Promise

intel stock elliott wave analysis november 13

Not too long ago, on August 10th, Intel stock was trading around $36.60 per share. The price was in recovery mode, following a decline from $38.45 to $33.25. By November 3rd, it reached $47.29 for a 29.2% return in less than three months. According to analysts covering the company, the reason for this phenomenal surge…

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Ingersoll-Rand: A Dangerous Dip to Buy

ingersoll-rand elliott wave analysis

In less than two years, Ingersoll-Rand’s stock more than doubled. The price was down to $47.08 in January, 2016. On October 24th, 2017, it touched $96.23 for a total return of 104.3%, not counting the dividends. Anyone, who managed to catch this rally from the start is probably very pleased with the result. The problem…

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Waddell and Reed’s Woes Not Over Yet

waddell reed elliott wave analysis

As stock market averages continue to rise, people have started to wonder why do they need to pay someone to manage their money, if they could achieve a satisfactory return just by buying and ETF tracking the S&P 500, for example. As a result, money has been pouring out of hedge funds at a record…

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Colgate-Palmolive Forming a Major Reversal Pattern?

colgate-palmolive elliott wave analysis

Colgate Palmolive is a leading consumer products company, focused on healthcare, household and personal care. Founded over 210 years ago as a soap and candle factory by William Colgate, the company now employs 36 700 people worldwide. With $15.2 billion in revenue and a $2.44 billion profit last year, Colgate-Palmolive is a business investors feel…

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Insurance vs Irma: And The Winner Is…

insurance etf elliott wave analysis

2017 marks the first time the United States is hit by two back to back Category 4 storms. Depending on who you ask, Harvey and Irma are estimated to have caused between $30 and $90 billion in combined damage. Chuck Watson, an analysts with Enki Research, went even further by saying that going back to normal…

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JNJ Stock Bulls to Call a 15% Timeout?

jnj stock elliott wave analysis

Johnson & Johnson is a global medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer, founded in 1886. The company’s stock, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JNJ, is a component in the S&P 500 as well as in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. This is a blue chip company with a long…

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Oil States Stock Getting Cut in Half Again?

oil states stock elliott wave analysis

Eight month ago, we stumbled upon the daily chart of Oil States stock and immediately recognized a dangerous situation. A few days before New Year, while OIS was trading close to $40 a share, the Elliott Wave Principle warned us that “the bears are supposed to take the wheel again“, since there was a “Textbook…

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