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Elliott Wave Perspective (eBook)

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Elliott Wave Perspective

Think, Reason and Trade Like an Elliott Wave Analyst.
Lessons Learned at EWM Interactive


    Elliott Wave Perspective – ebook




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Author: Aleksandar Vichev
Formats: .mobi, .pdf



This book is for those of you, who feel the Elliott Wave principle is more than just a trading method devoted to making money, but it offers a completely new understanding of what the nature of the markets is, what drives them and what can be derived from their movement.
For those of you, who have been looking for an honest Elliott Wave guide, describing the method’s advantages over other trading tools, but not hiding its weaknesses.

Your search is over.

With the help of over 130 images, the author walks you through numerous real-life examples, sharing not only his positive experience in the FOREX, commodity and cryptocurrency markets, but also the mistakes he’s made during the years.

You’ll also find out that technical and fundamental analyses are not mutually exclusive. This book teaches you how to use the best of both worlds by combining Elliott Wave analysis with value investing to pick the stocks with the best risk/reward ratio and avoid the rest.


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“Elliott Wave Perspective” by Aleksandar Vichev is an eBook, available in .pdf and .mobi formats only. The book has no paperback or hardcover versions. 186 pages in .pdf format. Clients receive a confirmation e-mail with a download link for both the .pdf and .mobi formats on the e-mail they have provided when making a purchase. Client’s name and address are collected for accounting purposes only and will not be used for physical delivery of any kind.

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