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Trading Basics

Successful trading and investing demands a great amount of knowledge, financial management and risk management. Online trading platforms made it easy for everyone to participate in the financial markets. Nowadays you have the stock exchange on the tip of your finger. With an instant access to real-time share prices and Forex trading, it seems traders are just a couple of clicks away from wealth. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. If you are wondering where to start from, our trading basics section is for you.

Support And Resistance

audjpy support and resistance

If you are new to technical analysis, you may have already heard about the “levels of support and resistance”, since they are among the most important things. But what do the terms “support” and “resistance” really mean? Well, technical analysis is hard to understand without a chart, so let’s see one. A support level is […]

Charles Dow and The Theory of Trends

charles dow portrait

Charles Henry Dow (1851-1902), born in Sterling, Connecticut, was a newspaper journalist during his whole life. In 1882, two years after moving to New York, Dow co-founded “DowJones&Company” with Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser. The company’s offices were right next to the New York Stock Exchange. This location was important, because customers on the NYSE […]