When the markets crashed in 2007-2009, people lost their savings, their jobs. Many lost their homes too. The world wondered why did this happen. The majority of experts and famous economists were saying the bull market was going to continue forever. But it did not. Whose fault was it? How come nobody saw it coming? Are we going to be able to predict the next one and prepare?
These questions provoked us to search for answers. But instead of looking for someone to blame, we quickly realized things are far more complicated and bigger than this. So we started reading and studying through all the theories and doctrines the economic world had to offer, only to see that each one of them has been repeatedly failing to make accurate predictions about the markets. All they could do was to suggest numerous explanations of why did the crash happen. In our opinion, these pseudo-reasons are useless. We believe the real question is how to predict the next panic and warn people before it is too late.
We came to the conclusion we needed a forecasting methodology. Something to allow us to stay ahead of things. After trying many tools and methods, the Elliott Wave Principle earned our trust. It takes time and effort to master, but if you are ready to learn and practice, we promise it will earn yours too. Some call it “the Cadillac of technical analysis”. All we know is that it works.
Our mission is to do all we can to popularize it among traders, investors, business owners and even non-business individuals, because, as the last financial crisis demonstrated, everyone is in danger, when the markets go bust.


Aleksandar Vichev
Co-founder and technical analyst at EWM Interactive, Aleks applies the Elliott Wave Principle to commodities, FOREX, indices and the stock market. He owns a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Master’s in Investment Management.
Martin Marinov
Martin Marinov is co-founder and Art director at EWM Interactive. He has completed an Academic professional degree in Multimedia design and communications as well as a Bachelor degree in E-concept development in Copenhagen Denmark. His main skills are mainly within the fields of web, graphic interface design, usability and user experience.