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Ethereum Ready for a Pullback?


Less than two years since its launch on July 30, 2015, ethereum has already become the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of roughly $4.5 billion, trailing only to bitcoin’s $20 billion. We are definitely not the people to ask how exactly the blockchain technology works, but ethereum’s decentralized nature means its price […]

EURAUD Could be Aiming at 1.51

euraud 23.3.16

The EURAUD pair has been in a downtrend for a month since February 11th. Then, on March 10th, the bulls woke up with a bang and lifted the exchange rate from 1.4465 to 1.5085 in just five hours. Today, EURAUD fell to as low as 1.4662, before climbing above 1.4850 so far. Which of the two […]

AUDUSD, Just One Day Later

audusd 19.11.15

Yesterday we posted an article, called “AUDUSD Bulls Aiming Higher”. We thought the pair has the potential to grow, because we recognized something on its 15-minute chart. A five-wave impulse to the upside, followed by a three-wave retracement. See it below. We saw a nicely-looking 5-3 wave cycle. According to the Elliott Wave Principle, the […]

AUDUSD Bulls Aiming Higher

audusd 18.11.15

Elliott Wave patterns can be found on all degrees of trend, even on the smallest time frames. The AUDUSD exchange rate seems to be giving us a good example. If we take a look at its 15-minute chart, we could see something very familiar – a 5-3 wave cycle. As the chart shows, AUDUSD rose […]

AUDJPY To Regain Intraday Positive Bias?

audjpy 11.11.15

The Elliott Wave Principle is a forecasting method, based on chart analysis. It postulates that trends move in recognizable patterns, called waves. A five-wave impulse, which indicates the direction of the trend, is followed by a three-wave retracement in the opposite direction. When this 5-3 wave cycle is over, the trend resumes. The pattern could […]

Palladium To Regain Negative Bias?

palladium 8.9.15.

On the 15-minute chart of palladium there seems to be an almost finished Elliott Wave cycle. A five-wave impulse to the south from 604 to 567, followed by an almost finished w-x-y double zig-zag correction. In addition, it looks like wave B is going to end somewhere near the 61.8% Fibonacci level. According to the […]

USDJPY Sends A Bearish Message

usdjpy 13.8.15

USDJPY climbed to 125.28 yesterday, but the bulls could hold on to that momentum, which led to a decline as low as 123.78. The pair is now trading around 124.60. Let’s see what are we going to find, if we take a closer look at USDJPY’s recent behavior on a 15-minute chart. As Elliott Wave […]