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How Much Time Should Trading Take if I Work or Study?

When many people start dedicating time to trading they can have some different experiences. Some might have a lucky streak with a lot of winning trades, even though they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Others might have no luck at all and lose trade after trade. This impacts the way they perceive how much…

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Trading Losses and How to Handle Them

Trading will always bring fortune and misfortune to those in the market. Just like in life, the inevitable ups and downs are a natural part of this particular human activity. But there are ways to make the most of losing and turning it around to your advantage. Here are five tips on what to do…

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Where Does ASX 200 Roller Coaster Lead?

During the last several months the ASX 200 was going sharply up and down by 200-400 figures in each direction. Unless you have an incredibly strong stomach, these swings could easily make you feel sick. Should we expect this “roller coaster” behavior to persist or the Australian stock index is finally going to find a direction?…

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The Hidden Engine Behind Riots and Wars

Do you share the common belief that riots, civil unrest or political instability may and often do cause stock market declines? Yes, it makes sense. It seems logical and probably that is the reason why it is the explanation, which the large media offers you, when there is civil disobedience and the stock market of…

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