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Do you share the common belief that stocks are always rising? Well, if you do, we will have to disappoint you. The stock market falls sometimes. Fortunately, it does it by the rules of the Wave Principle. So, if you want to rely on something more than the old “just buy shares” advice, you may be interested in this section.

Southwest Ready for a Hard Landing?

southwest airlines chart

In June, 2016, Southwest Airlines was the subject of an educational article, titled ““Elliott Wave: The Devil Is In the Details”, where we presented three different scenarios for the stock’s future, in order to demonstrate that analysts should learn to look at one chart from different perspectives and keep all of them in mind. At […]

Bank of America and the So-Called Trump Rally

bank of america 23 march 2017

Bank of America stock proves that you cannot rely on politics for your investments Our previous article on the subject, titled “Bank of America: A Good Long-Term Bet?” was published on August 24th, 2016. Two and a half months before Donald Trump’s election for president, while the stock was trading near $15.30, the Elliott Wave Principle […]

Wells Fargo to Lose 30% from Now On?

wells fargo 21.3.17

Eight years and one fake accounts fiasco later, Wells Fargo’s uptrend is approaching its end The last time we wrote about Wells Fargo was in late-January, 2016. Fourteen months ago, the stock was trading below $49 a share, after a decline from $58.74. It was a $10-drop, which for the bank’s investors meant a 17% […]

Dark Clouds on Humana’s Horizon

humana weekly chart

It was a nice run, but Humana’s upside potential is limited from now on The last eight years must have been great for Humana Inc. investors. From its March 2009 bottom at $18.57, the stock has gained over $200 a share or roughly 1077%. That is 36.2% compounded annually, which is a great return in […]

Adidas Stock Way Too Overpriced

adidas weekly chart

No trend lasts forever. Adidas’ will not, either. The last two years were nothing less than incredible for Adidas investors. Since January, 2015, the stock has risen from below 54 to the vicinity of 178 euro per share. That is a rally of nearly 230% that could easily make you think the best is yet […]

Leggett & Platt Not Done Falling

leggett & platt weekly chart

A clear technical pattern suggests Leggett & Platt might have a very disappointing 2017 Like many other stocks, Leggett & Platt bottomed out in March, 2009, and has been in a strong rally since. The engineered components and products produces has climbed from as low as $10.03 to as high as $54.63 a share between […]

Marriott Stock Running on Fumes

marriott elliott wave analysis

Marriott International might look tempting, but it seems to be exhausted, too. Marriott International Inc. operates and franchises hotels and lodging facilities in over 110 countries worldwide. With over 5700 properties and more than a million rooms, it is the largest hotel company in the world today. As of today, its market capitalization stands slightly […]

Intel Stock Not a Good Choice Anymore

intel 31.1.17

While Intel stock was trading around $37.15 on September 20th, 2016, we published an ARTICLE, called “Patient Intel Bulls Get Their Reward.” In that material it became clear that despite the recent advance, it was not the time to buy the stock, because a fourth wave pullback was supposed to begin soon. Only after it was […]

Netflix Stock Might Be a Bad Idea


The last time we wrote about Netflix was on February 18th, 2016, while the stock was trading below $95 a share. The article was called “Netflix Bulls to Return Even Stronger”, because the Elliott Wave Principle suggested the stock’s uptrend is still not over and new all-time highs should be seen. The chart below shows […]