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Do you share the common belief that stocks are always rising? Well, if you do, we will have to disappoint you. The stock market falls sometimes. Fortunately, it does it by the rules of the Wave Principle. So, if you want to rely on something more than the old “just buy shares” advice, you may be interested in this section.

Winds Might Change for Vestas Wind Systems

vestas wind systems

Vestas Wind Systems is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer. The company has installed almost 60 000 wind turbines in 76 countries around the globe. Last year’s record breaking revenue of 10.2 billion euro helped the stock gain enough inertia to give Vestas Wind Systems a market cap of $19.2 billion as of this writing. […]

Stay Worried About Tesla Stock

tesla elliott wave analysis

Just when Elon Musk’s Tesla is about to start delivering its first mass-production electric vehicle – the Model 3 – to clients, the stock suddenly dropped from an all-time high of $387 to $303 in just two trading weeks. The price managed to rebound and is currently hovering around $323 a share. However, the company […]

WPP Stock to Lose 30% from Current Levels

wpp stock elliott wave analysis

Like many others, communications services provider WPP Plc stock rebounded handsomely from its Financial crisis bottom at $22.35 a share in late-2008. By May 2015, the bulls had already lifted the price above the $120 mark. The problem is that unlike many other stocks, WPP’s went exactly nowhere during the past two years, locked in the […]

Nordstrom’s Woes Not Over Yet

nordstrom elliott wave analysis

Nordstrom Inc. is one of the largest fashion retailers in the United States and Canada, operating 354 stores in total. The company was founded in 1901 in Seattle, Washington. In this respect, Nordstrom has seen everything the retail industry and the economy as a whole could offer. It survived both world wars, the Great Depression, the […]

Qualcomm’s Recovery Might Not Last Long

qualcomm elliott wave chart

Shares of Qualcomm Inc., the San Diego, California-based chip-maker, have been on a tear since late-April, when the price touched $51.06. A little over a month later, the stock closed the last trading session at $58.58, representing a recovery of 14.7%. Many might see this rally as an invitation to grab shares in one of the […]

CVR Energy Stock Confirms the Bullish Case

cvr energy elliott wave chart

It was September 12th, 2016, when we first wrote about CVR Energy stock. In that material we examined the stock’s long-term perspective from an Elliott Wave point of view and arrived to the conclusion that investors in the small-cap refiner should not feel discouraged from the recent price plunge, because its structure suggested it is […]

Hewlett Packard Soars to Highs Not Seen Since 2011

hp stock hewlett packard price chart

It is not even Hewlett Packard anymore, but it still follows the Elliott Wave path Our last post about Hewlett Packard was published on August 26th, 2015. Since that time, the company split in two separate entities – HP Inc., selling personal computers and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which focuses on storage, servers, security and other corporate services. […]

BT Group Stock Not Done Falling Yet

bt group elliott wave chart

Shares of BT Group, the London, UK-based communication services provider, have been under bearish jurisdiction since November, 2015, when prices reached $37.70 on the New York Stock Exchange. A year and a half later, investors’s enthusiasm has faded and the stock is currently trading near $20 a share. Generally, the Elliott Wave Principle is a […]

GOOGL Stock Is a Temptation to Resist

googl stock weekly elliott wave chart update

Alphabet Inc. topped $600 billion market capitalization, after its stock closed at a new all-time high of $888.84 per share yesterday. This, plus the fact that it is a great, highly profitable company, could easily tempt investors to jump on board, hoping that the best is yet to come. For the business, this is probably […]

Southwest Ready for a Hard Landing?

southwest airlines chart

In June, 2016, Southwest Airlines was the subject of an educational article, titled ““Elliott Wave: The Devil Is In the Details”, where we presented three different scenarios for the stock’s future, in order to demonstrate that analysts should learn to look at one chart from different perspectives and keep all of them in mind. At […]

Bank of America and the So-Called Trump Rally

bank of america 23 march 2017

Bank of America stock proves that you cannot rely on politics for your investments Our previous article on the subject, titled “Bank of America: A Good Long-Term Bet?” was published on August 24th, 2016. Two and a half months before Donald Trump’s election for president, while the stock was trading near $15.30, the Elliott Wave Principle […]

Wells Fargo to Lose 30% from Now On?

wells fargo 21.3.17

Eight years and one fake accounts fiasco later, Wells Fargo’s uptrend is approaching its end The last time we wrote about Wells Fargo was in late-January, 2016. Fourteen months ago, the stock was trading below $49 a share, after a decline from $58.74. It was a $10-drop, which for the bank’s investors meant a 17% […]