Dash Crashed Right On Schedule. What’s Next?

dash cover

This week’s crash in the price of Bitcoin dragged virtually all other cryptocurrencies down with it. The total capitalization of the entire crypto market was down by almost $400 billion at one point on January 17th. Dash, currently the eleventh largest virtual currency, was no exception, falling from a high of $1247 to as low…

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Bitcoin Bloodbath Was Ten Days in the Making

bitcoin elliott wave analysis january 7

So far, 2018 is definitely not what crypto investors were hoping for. The entire cryptocurrency market crashed yesterday as each coin lost between 15% and 40% of its market capitalization. Bitcoin, the biggest virtual currency out there, could not escape the bloodbath, as well. BTCUSD fell to an intraday low of $10 162 for a…

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Weekly Highlights: Euro, Ripple, Illumina and Oil

Euro influenced by German coalition

The euro had a funny week (or nerve wracking, depending on how you look at it). On Monday it dropped to almost 1.19 but as of Friday’s close we’re at 1.22. What people think caused it – German coalition talks. Or was it something we managed to identify two weeks ago in this New Year’s article?…

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EURUSD Weeks Ahead of the German Coalition Talks

eurusd elliott wave analysis january 1

It has been a wild week for EURUSD. The pair opened at 1.2027 on Monday, but quickly fell by over 100 pips to 1.1916 on Tuesday, only to resume its rally and reach a new three-year high of 1.2134 as of this writing. The last time the pair traded above the 1.2100 mark was in…

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Illumina Stock Outperforms, Walks on Thin Ice

illumina stock elliott wave analysis

There is no question that keeping all eggs in one basket is a risky strategy to rely on in the markets. However, if investors held nothing but Illumina stock for the last two years, they would have beaten the S&P 500 by a large margin. Shares in the biotechnology company have risen by over 76%…

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Ripple’s Rally Still Has Room to Run

ripple elliott wave analysis

Ripple, the only major cryptocurrency that is centralized, briefly became the second largest after Bitcoin, after its price rose from below 20 cents a coin on December 8th, 2017, to over $3.31 by January 4th, 2018. As of this writing, it has been surpassed by Ethereum again, but it still maintains a total market capitalization…

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Intel’s CPU Disaster Anticipated by Elliott Wave Analysis

intel stock elliott wave analysis january 5

Intel had a great 2017, finishing the year at $46.50 a share for a total gain of 27%. 2018 did not begin very well, though. The stock just fell to as low as $42.69 yesterday, after it became clear that major security flaws found in Intel’s processors make smartphones and PC’s vulnerable to hackers’ attacks.…

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AMD’s Crypto-Inspired Stock Chart Looks Promising

amd stock elliott wave analysis

The biggest profits during the gold rush of the 19th century were made by those selling picks and shovels. Similarly, graphics cards providers are currently making a killing as the crypto mania inspires a lot of people to spend big on mining equipment. As Intel stock keeps tracking the Elliott Wave path, it is time…

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Dash Intraday Pattern Points South

dash elliott wave analysis jan 3

Similarly to most other cryptocurrencies, Dash had an amazing 2017, climbing to as high as $1569 in December. However, the second half of last month was not that good, after DSHUSD fell by nearly 49% to $801 per coin by December 22nd and still has not been able to fully recover. As the tenth largest…

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EURUSD Starts 2018 On a Tear. Surprised?

eurusd elliott wave analysis december 4

2017 has been a great year for EURUSD bulls. During the last twelve months, the pair climbed from as low as 1.0340 to almost 1.2100 and managed to finish the year above the 1.20 mark for the first time since 2014. It was not a sure shot, though, especially during the mid-December dip to below…

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Crude Oil Finally Reaches the $60 Mark

wti crude oil elliott wave analysis 27 november

As WTI crude oil approaches the $60 mark, we could conclude that it was not a smooth ride at all. The price has been wandering between $55 and $59 for nearly two months until it finally broke out of this range to reach levels not seen since late-June, 2015. A month ago the price surpassed…

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Buckle Stock Declares the Retail Crisis Over

buckle stock elliott wave analysis

Most retailers must be very happy 2017 is over. It has been an extremely tough year for the sector as store closures and even bankruptcies mounted. Fast-food chains, apparel stores, specialty retailer and even grocers felt the pressure of declining mall traffic and changing customer habits. As a result, their stocks sold off, as well.…

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Freeport McMoran Suddenly Loved by Everyone

freeport mcmoran elliott wave update

Almost nine months ago, on March 31st, the share of leading copper miner Freeport McMoran was hovering around $13.30. The company’s debt load was troubling, an extended strike at their Grasberg mine was disrupting the working process and on top of that, the Indonesian government said the country wants to renegotiate the terms of its…

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Amazon Stock to Let Traders “Buy the Dip” Soon

amazon stock elliott wave analysis

It has become a habit for Amazon stock to defy gravity. The stock’s phenomenal rise makes fundamental value metrics like price to earnings or price to book seem obsolete. AMZN‘s current price of $1194 divided by last year’s profit per share of $4.90 gives the stock a trailing P/E ratio of 244. For your information,…

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WW Grainger Bulls Need to Relax a Little

ww grainger elliott wave analysis

Shareholders of WW Grainger, an Illinois-based Fortune 500 industrial supply company, did not particularly enjoy the last four years. The stock reached an all-time high of $276 per share in September, 2013, but fell below $165 by late-August, 2017 for a 40% decline in less than 4 years. The last four months tell a different…

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