EURUSD and the Broken Price Channel

eurusd elliott wave analysis november 13

It has been a good week for EURUSD bulls so far, who managed to lift the pair from 1.1637 to as high as 1.1860 by Wednesday. This rally has not been widely expected for two reasons. First, the euro has been declining against the U.S. dollar since it reached an intraday high of 1.2092 on…

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Dash’s Bullish Reversal Was Worth Waiting For

dash elliott wave analysis november 15

On October 5th, Dash was the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of roughly $2.3 billion. Over a month later, it is still sixth, but in such a short time has managed to add another billion dollars to its capitalization, which currently stands at $3.3 billion, after DSHUSD rose to nearly $500 per coin…

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Intel Stock Keeps Its Elliott Wave Promise

intel stock elliott wave analysis november 13

Not too long ago, on August 10th, Intel stock was trading around $36.60 per share. The price was in recovery mode, following a decline from $38.45 to $33.25. By November 3rd, it reached $47.29 for a 29.2% return in less than three months. According to analysts covering the company, the reason for this phenomenal surge…

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Not Your Ordinary Bitcoin Pullback…

The price of Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $7888 two days ago, making the biggest cryptocurrency in the world even bigger by taking its market capitalization to roughly $130 billion. Today, Bitcoin’s market cap is reduced to $110 billion after its price plunged to $6490 as of this writing. Crypto traders are used…

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USDJPY’s Chart Was Bullish Three Weeks Ago

usdjpy elliott wave analysis october 18

Less than a month ago, on October 16th, USDJPY fell to 111.65 and it looked like more weakness would follow. Instead, the pair is currently trading above 114.30, after it climbed to 114.73 yesterday, November 6th. The good news is that traders did not have to watch from the sidelines, because the Elliott Wave Principle…

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Bitcoin’s Resiliency Exceeds Expectations

bitcoin elliott wave analysis november 1

It is no secret that we have been skeptical about Bitcoin’s uptrend going forward for while now. We still are. The price is up by over 600% this year, showing all signs of a bubble. This, however, does not mean we have turned bearish just like that. The Elliott Wave Principle proved to be a…

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Elliott Wave Setup Sends Bitcoin to All-Time High

bitcoin elliott wave analysis oct 29

Ever since it climbed to $6180, Bitcoin has been rather indecisive. The price of the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell to $5366 at one point on October 25th. Fortunately, it was Wednesday, which means it was time for our mid-week update. In a single .pdf file we provided a short-term update on all seven…

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Here is Why Gold Prices Turned Bearish From $1306

gold elliott wave analysis oct 16

Gold’s last major bottom was formed at $1260.50 on October 6th, following a decline from as high as $1357. By October 16th, the price of the precious metal was up to $1306 for a recovery of over $45. But instead of continuing to the north, the bulls could not breach this barrier and fell pray…

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DAX In a High-Risk-Low-Return Zone

dax index elliott wave analysis

Nearly three months ago, on July 27th, the German DAX was hovering near 12 300, down from an all-time high of 12 951 reached in June. At the time, uncertainty was mounting. The European Union’s inability to find an acceptable solution to the refugee crisis was becoming obvious and the rising number of terrorist attacks…

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Bitcoin Breaches $5000 Despite Political Crackdown

bitcoin elliott wave analysis 17 sep

Bitcoin’s phenomenal surge continues as the cryptocurrency not only breached the $5000 barrier, but almost climbed to $5200 today. Less than a month ago, BTCUSD was trading below $3000 for a while, following a crash from $4980, which fortunately, the Elliott Wave Principle managed to prepare us for early enough. We have been closely following…

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Crude Oil Ignores Hurricane Nate and Slips

crude oil elliott wave analysis sep 27

Here we go again. The last time hurricanes had something to do with crude oil, the price of the commodity, according to popular media, was rising because producers were bracing for Irma, whose record-breaking winds were going to severely disrupt production. That at least made sense at the time. Now, oil producers are preparing for…

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USDCAD’s Choppy Advance Still Delivers 250 Pips

usdcad elliott wave analysis oct 6

USDCAD fell from 1.3793 to as low as 1.2061 in a little over 4 months. This means the U.S. dollar lost a total of 1732 pips against the Canadian counterpart, or 433 per month on average. In the Forex world this selloff could easily qualify as fast and sharp. So while the pair was trading…

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Elliott Wave Ahead of Gold in Both Directions

gold elliott wave analysis sep 25

Last week was hardly the best one gold bugs ever had. The yellow metal declined from $1319 to a low of $1288, before settling at $1297 for the weekend. So it made sense to expect more weakness after the open on Monday. Instead, the bulls returned to lift the price to $1313.57 by Tuesday, which…

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GBPJPY On Its Elliott Wave Way to 160?

gbpjpy intraday elliott wave analysis

Despite the fact that volatility drops significantly during the summer, obviously not everyone was on vacation, because on August 9th we received an on demand order to make an Elliott Wave analysis of GBPJPY. Back then, the pair was hovering around 142.50 and has been moving sideways between 148.50 and 135.60 for more than half…

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EURUSD’s Chart Was Heavy Ahead of FOMC

eurusd elliott wave analysis september 18

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday it is keeping the interest rate unchanged, a move that was largely anticipated. However, 2017 is still expected to see another rate hike with three more coming in 2018. Following the news, the dollar strengthened against its major rivals. The EURUSD pair crashed from above 1.2030 to 1.1860 in less…

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