Southwest Ready for a Hard Landing?

southwest airlines chart

In June, 2016, Southwest Airlines was the subject of an educational article, titled ““Elliott Wave: The Devil Is In the Details”, where we presented three different scenarios for the stock’s future, in order to demonstrate that analysts should learn to look at one chart from different perspectives and keep all of them in mind. At […]

Bank of America and the So-Called Trump Rally

bank of america 23 march 2017

Bank of America stock proves that you cannot rely on politics for your investments Our previous article on the subject, titled “Bank of America: A Good Long-Term Bet?” was published on August 24th, 2016. Two and a half months before Donald Trump’s election for president, while the stock was trading near $15.30, the Elliott Wave Principle […]

Wells Fargo to Lose 30% from Now On?

wells fargo 21.3.17

Eight years and one fake accounts fiasco later, Wells Fargo’s uptrend is approaching its end The last time we wrote about Wells Fargo was in late-January, 2016. Fourteen months ago, the stock was trading below $49 a share, after a decline from $58.74. It was a $10-drop, which for the bank’s investors meant a 17% […]

Bitcoin Elliott Wave Outlook Ahead of the SEC

bitcoin price chart

A month ago, on February 10th, we examined bitcoin’s tendency to extend the fifth waves of the impulse it draws. As of the time the article was published, the cryptocurrency was trading around $960, after a crash from $1075 to $914. But instead of selling with the other bears, the lessons learned from bitcoin’s manic-depressive past […]

GBPUSD Before and After the Giveaway

gbpusd 4h 27 feb

GBPUSD regained negative bias at the start of February and has been losing ground ever since. After forming a top at 1.2706 a month ago, the pair fell to as low as 1.2214 at one moment today and is currently trading near 1.2240. It is interesting to notice that roughly half of this 490+ pip decline happened […]

USDCAD’s Surprising Surge Explained

usdcad 1h 6.2.17

USDCAD closed at 1.3028 on Friday, February 3rd, continuing the decline from 1.3387, which began in mid-January. So, if you have been expecting more weakness this week, nobody can blame you. After all, trading in the direction of the trend is a viable strategy. However, even the strongest trend is interrupted by an occasional correction from […]

Intel Stock Not a Good Choice Anymore

intel 31.1.17

While Intel stock was trading around $37.15 on September 20th, 2016, we published an ARTICLE, called “Patient Intel Bulls Get Their Reward.” In that material it became clear that despite the recent advance, it was not the time to buy the stock, because a fourth wave pullback was supposed to begin soon. Only after it was […]