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GBPAUD Plunging Like There is No Tomorrow

gbpaud elliott wave chart analysis

It has been a little over a month since GBPAUD reached 1.7650 on May 10th. The day before, May 9th, we published “GBPAUD About to Change Direction”, sharing our Elliott Wave-based opinion, that instead of joining the bulls above 1.7600, traders should stay aside and get ready for a major bearish reversal. Here is the […]

GBPAUD About to Change Direction

gbpaud elliott wave chart analysis

The GBPAUD exchange rate climbed to levels not seen since September, 2016. The pair is currently trading close to 1.7600, nearly 19 figures above the bottom at 1.5757 registered in October last year. Rising prices could be tempting, but also dangerous. In fact, the daily chart below suggests the British Pound is at a critical […]

AUDNZD Navigating Through Elliott Waves

audnzd elliott wave chart

AUDNZD was trading close to 1.0730 on February 21st, after a strong recovery from as low as 1.0324. Despite the speed and sharpness with which the pair was rising, the Elliott Wave Principle suggested the bears were likely to “drag the rate back down to the area near 1.0600, where new long opportunities should present […]

AUDUSD: Happy Giveaway Subscribers

4 audusd 4h

AUDUSD is trading above 0.7550 after recovering from the bottom at 0.7144 registered on May 24th. A rally of more than 400 pips is surely making the bears nervous, especially following the sharp sell-off from 0.7835. This is an excellent example of the fact that traders should never rely solely on the continuation of a trend, […]

AUDUSD Ahead of the RBA Decision

audusd news

AUDUSD was flying above 0.7830 just two weeks ago. On April 21st the pair rose to 0.7834 and everything was looking as if sky was the limit for the bulls. Today, May 4th, AUDUSD plunged to 0.7460 so far. According to the majority of experts, the obvious explanation for the current weakness is the surprising […]

EURAUD to the Target and Beyond

euraud 6.4.16

It was March 23rd, when “EURAUD Could Be Aiming At 1.51” was published. The purpose of that article was to determine which one of the two extremes – 1.4465 or 1.5085 – was more likely to be broken first by EURAUD. As usual, we decided to trust the Elliott Wave Principle and apply it to the price […]

EURAUD Could be Aiming at 1.51

euraud 23.3.16

The EURAUD pair has been in a downtrend for a month since February 11th. Then, on March 10th, the bulls woke up with a bang and lifted the exchange rate from 1.4465 to 1.5085 in just five hours. Today, EURAUD fell to as low as 1.4662, before climbing above 1.4850 so far. Which of the two […]

EURAUD Is Waiting for Confirmation

euraud 1.3.16

EURAUD has been steadily declining since February 11th, when the pair climbed as high as 1.6250, before eventually reversing to the south. Currently near 1.5250, there seems to be no shortage of signs that another significant reversal might occur soon. Let’s examine the hourly chart of the exchange rate, in order to visualize the Elliott […]