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AUDNZD Navigating Through Elliott Waves

audnzd elliott wave chart

AUDNZD was trading close to 1.0730 on February 21st, after a strong recovery from as low as 1.0324. Despite the speed and sharpness with which the pair was rising, the Elliott Wave Principle suggested the bears were likely to “drag the rate back down to the area near 1.0600, where new long opportunities should present […]

NZDUSD Seven Trading Days Later


Last Monday, November 21st, while NZDUSD was trading around 0.7020, we published an article called “NZDUSD Poised for a Corrective Recovery”. In our opinion, based on Elliott Wave analysis, the pair was “providing an opportunity for the bulls to achieve a three-wave rally to at least 0.7110.” Instead of relying on economic data or political news, […]

NZDUSD to Fall Off a Cliff?

nzdusd 27.4.16

NZDUSD exceeded the 0.7000 mark last week. The pair has been recovering for the last four months, which led it to 0.7053. It has been a good run for the bulls, but there are signs, which show the bears are yet to say their final word. The Elliott Wave Principle is a forecasting method, based […]

NZDUSD Two and a Half Months Later

nzdusd 30.3.16

It has been nearly two and a half months since we published “NZDUSD Getting Ready to Launch?”. On January 18th, 2016, the New Zealand dollar was trading around 0.6460 against the U.S. dollar. The pair has been in a sharp downtrend since mid-2014, so any bearish expectations were reasonable. However, the charts were sending the […]

NZDUSD Getting Ready to Launch?

nzdusd 18.1.16

NZDUSD seems to be in a state of free fall, ever since it reached as high as 0.6882 in late December. Currently, the pair is trading near 0.6460, after it fell to 0.6380 last week. And while the exchange rate is still considered to be in a downtrend, the Elliott Wave Principle suggests we might […]

NZDUSD Ready To Jump Now?

nzdusd 30.10.15

In our previous analysis on NZDUSD, titled “A Disappointing Week Ahead For NZDUSD?”, we shared our bearish view of the pair, saying that “buying NZDUSD now is the exact opposite to the right decision”. We thought so, because there was a clear five-wave impulse on the 4-hour chart. And, according to the Elliott Wave Principle, […]