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Riding GBPJPY’s Post-Election Rally


GBPJPY bulls must be very pleased with what November brought them. The pair has been steadily rising since the U.S. election, which caused a decline to 126.70. Nine days later, today GBPJPY climbed to as high as 137.57 and is currently hovering around 137.10. Could this impressive rally be predicted, especially after the strongly negative […]

USDJPY and the Sudden Bullslaughter


Last Friday, October 28th, USDJPY rose to a high of 105.53, but eventually closed the week at 104.71. The trend was clearly up since the end of September and Friday’s dip was probably embraced by the bulls as another buying opportunity. Unfortunately for them, 105.53 turned out to be a major top. Instead of continuing to […]

Who Saw USDJPY’s Crash Coming?

usdjpy 4h sept 5

Last week, the USDJPY pair opened at 102.02 and undertook an impressive rally to 104.31, before settling at 104.01 for the weekend. After such an impressive bullish run, it is quite normal to expect that the uptrend is going to continue. But since Monday, September 5th, USDJPY has been nothing more than a disappointment. The […]

Foreseeing A Broken Trend Line in USDJPY

usdjpy 4h 22.8.16

At the start of last week USDJPY was trading slightly above the 100.00 mark after falling from as high as 107.49 in mid-July. Usually, staying with the trend is a profitable approach, so basically, joining the bears would have made sense to most analysts. Usually, however, does not mean always, because no trend lasts forever. […]

GBPJPY Ready to Break the Consolidation?

gbpjpy 23.5.16

GBPJPY has been moving sideways between 151.65 and 164.10 for more than three months now, which has probably made trading this pair extremely difficult. Just when you thought you finally know where GBPJPY was going, it decides to change its direction again. The best way to trade in such a directionless environment is to not trade at all […]

USDJPY: One Pattern Is All It Takes

2-usdjpy daily

USDJPY is currently struggling to hold above 112.00, following a rally from 110.67 to 113.80. Last week’s recovery of more than 300 pips came out of the blue, just after the pair made a break below the previous bottom at 110.97. Most traders must have gone short at the breakout, which is understandable through the perspective […]

USDJPY Three Days Ahead of the FED

usdjpy premium update 17.3.16

USDJPY just fell below the 111.00 mark. To be more precise, the pair slumped to 110.66. And while the majority would inevitably blame the Federal Reserve’s policy statement for the dollar’s weakness, the only thing traders actually care about is if the decline could have been predicted and how. The good news is that it […]

GBPJPY Is Sending a Bullish Message

gbpjpy 15.3.16

GBPJPY bottomed at 154.70 on February 24th and managed to recover to 164.10, when the bears returned. The pair is currently trading slightly above 160.10, but what could we expect from now on? Is this just a pull-back or the resumption of the larger downtrend? The Elliott Wave Principle might help us find the answer. […]