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Facebook with more uptrend?

Facebook began its uptrend in the middle of 2012 and started to accelerate in wave 3 in mid 2013. The upward movement is almost completed as wave 3 has become more extended than usual, estimated 3.618 of wave 1. As wave 3 progresses, volume is decreasing, signalizing for a coming correction in the face of…

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CRB index. Where commodities are heading?

CRB index is an index that measures the overall direction of commodity sectors. The CRB index was designed to isolate and reveal the directional movement of prices in overall commodity trades. The CRB index measures changes in the price of 22 commodities that are believed to be among the first to react to changes in…

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Be careful with USD/JPY

USD/JPY rose significantly yesterday after the FOMC reports and during Janet Yellen’s speech. Does that post-news strength provide enough of a reason to start buying? Considering that our previous analysis is still valid, we think you ought to be careful with USD/JPY. Let’s see how it has been developing by now. To make that count more…

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Investing change in stocks?

Do you think that investing change in stocks is a good idea? Optimism has reached historical proportions and is reflected in numerous actions and events (massive buildings, movies, music and so on).History shows us, when everyone is involved in stocks, little upside potential remains. Another peak of optimism is reflected in a new app. “Acorn”…

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How is the banking system doing ( KBW index )?

KBW index is an economic index consisting of the stocks of 24 banking companies. This index serves as a benchmark of the banking sector. This index trades on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, where it was created. The KBW Index is named after Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, a recognized authority in the banking industry. The 2007…

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Gold developed well

In our intraday analysis on gold from yesterday we were expecting the yellow metal to drop at least to 1373. As you can see on the chart below, gold developed well, falling from 1384 to 1350 in an impulsive manner. The white rectangle shows where we were yesterday, when that forecast was made. After every five…

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Crude Oil went well

In our analysis from March 16th we were waiting for a decline in wave 5. That forecast of crude oil went well and on the chart below you can see the result. A clear impulse to the downside suggesting that the main trend is pointing south. Trend direction is now expected to reverse for a…

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Cocoa could fall, at least temporary

Cocoa has been in a strong uptrend for over a year. What is more important is that this rise is in five waves. So, having a finished impulse to the upside it is appropriate to prepare for a decline of the same degree. This is why we think that cocoa could fall, at least temporary.…

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Gold is going south

Five waves down, three waves up. In terms of the Wave Principle, gold is going south. Entry between 1385-1387, invalidation level at 1392. First target 1373.

Crude Oil outlook update

Our crude oil outlook update will start with our analysis from February 25th, because you should know how our bigger picture scenario looks like. As you can see, crude oil has been trading according to the forecast so far and we will continue to use it as a map for possible future developments. Next we have…

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USDCAD is forming a triangle

The US dollar is still going sideways against the Canadian dollar, without making new lows or new highs, which suggests that USDCAD is forming a triangle. The chart below puts us in mind that wave (D) of the pattern is still developing. If this is the correct count, we should expect a decline in wave…

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Peugeot SA could lose one third

Should you be buying the recent pullback in Peugeot SA? Well, we do not think that is a good idea, because the dip is likely to extend. Many fundamental analysts think that this is an opportunity to go long in those shares, since Peugeot 308 has been crowned “Car of 2014” in the beginning of…

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MEDIASET to reach one last new top

On the daily chart of MEDIASET (ME) we could see one of the clearest impulses. It shows that wave (5) looks like an unfinished ending diagonal. That is why we expect MEDIASET to reach one last new top in wave 5 of (5), before turning down for a natural three-wave correction. The final peak should…

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EUR/AUD buying chance

EUR/AUD buying chance could be in place. A five-wave impulse with an extended fifth wave, followed by a zig-zag, that retraces the entire extension at the 61.8 Fibonacci level. From an Elliott Wave point of view, we have plenty of reasons to go long here. Invalidation level at 1.5150, first target above 1,5540.