Riding GBPJPY’s Post-Election Rally


GBPJPY bulls must be very pleased with what November brought them. The pair has been steadily rising since the U.S. election, which caused a decline to 126.70. Nine days later, today GBPJPY climbed to as high as 137.57 and is currently hovering around 137.10. Could this impressive rally be predicted, especially after the strongly negative […]

GBPJPY Ready to Break the Consolidation?

gbpjpy 23.5.16

GBPJPY has been moving sideways between 151.65 and 164.10 for more than three months now, which has probably made trading this pair extremely difficult. Just when you thought you finally know where GBPJPY was going, it decides to change its direction again. The best way to trade in such a directionless environment is to not trade at all […]

GBPJPY Is Sending a Bullish Message

gbpjpy 15.3.16

GBPJPY bottomed at 154.70 on February 24th and managed to recover to 164.10, when the bears returned. The pair is currently trading slightly above 160.10, but what could we expect from now on? Is this just a pull-back or the resumption of the larger downtrend? The Elliott Wave Principle might help us find the answer. […]

GBPJPY Looks Filled With Doubts

gbpjpy 4.2.16

Just as many other crosses, GBPJPY tends to make large movements in short periods of time. This week was no exception. The pair rose to 175.00 on Monday, but than fell to 170.02 so far. The real question we have to ask is whether the latest weakness is the resumption of the larger downtrend, which […]

GBPJPY: How Confirmations Pay Off

gbpjpy 31.12.15

On December 9th we published “GBPJPY: What Is Next After The Target?” to show you two equally probable scenarios, which contradict one another. In other words, we admitted we did not know what was going to happen in GBPJPY next. However, we knew the exact moment when one of the two counts would be confirmed […]

GBPJPY: What Is Next After The Target?

gbpjpy 9.12.15 - triangle

Two days ago, on December 7th, we published “GBPJPY: Two Counts, One Direction” to prepare you “for a 220+ pip slump in GBPJPY”. While the pair was trading near 186.10, the Elliott Wave Principle suggested it was weaker than it appeared to be. There were not one, but two bearish wave counts, so we had no […]

GBPJPY: Two Counts, One Direction

gbpjpy flat

GBPJPY bulls got discouraged near 188.80 on November 19th. The sell-off, which followed, led the pair to 184.32 just five days later. Since then the exchange rate has been very difficult to trade, making higher highs and lower lows all the time. However, it seems the market is finally giving us a clue on the hourly chart […]

GBPJPY In A Very Delicate Territory

gbpjpy weekly 15.6.15

GBPJPY began its impressive rally from around 117.00 in 2011-2012. The pair is now trading close to 192.00. Few were expecting such a performance three years ago. Just like few are expecting a decline today. But, as we have said many times, no trend lasts forever. Let’s take a look at the weekly chart of […]

GBPJPY In Final Stages Of Advance?

gbpjpy 28.05.15

The pound proved to be one of yen’s strongest rivals in the last month and a half. The pair rose from below 175.00 to above 190. Despite today’s intraday weakness, the bulls still seem confident enough to continue the uptrend. But how higher should we expect the GBPJPY pair to climb? If we trust the Elliott Wave […]

GBPJPY In Bears’ Paws Again?

gbpjpy 21.3.15

The Great Britain pound proved to be stronger than the Japanese yen after the FED’s minutes last week, when GBPJPY jumped sharply from 177.10 to 181.00. During the rest of the week the exchange rate did not leave this range. But let’s see what the chart can tell us, when looked at from the perspective […]

GBP JPY: Reversal Ahead?

gbpjpy 11.11.14

The bulls took control of GBP JPY in the middle of October. The recent rally began from 168 and now, less than a month later, the pair is trading around 184. Are the bulls getting exhausted or the uptrend is set to continue? As always, the Elliott Wave Principle will help us answer this question. It […]

GBPJPY two days ahead of the news

gbpjpy 31.10.14

Today, on October 31, 2014, the Central Bank of Japan announced that it will expand its stimulus program in order to prevent deflation. After the announcement the other currencies rose sharply against the Japanese Yen. Most people would say that BoJ’s decision was the reason for this. That is why they have been waiting for it in order […]

GBPJPY performing nicely

gbpjpy 29.10.14

A week ago, on October 22nd, we published an analysis, called “GBP JPY to regain positive bias”, saying that we expect the uptrend to resume soon. We thought so, because the 15-min chart of GBPJPY was showing a perfect impulse to the upside, followed by a correction and according to the Elliott Wave Principle, prices […]