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GBPUSD Before and After the Giveaway

gbpusd 4h 27 feb

GBPUSD regained negative bias at the start of February and has been losing ground ever since. After forming a top at 1.2706 a month ago, the pair fell to as low as 1.2214 at one moment today and is currently trading near 1.2240. It is interesting to notice that roughly half of this 490+ pip decline happened […]

Riding GBPJPY’s Post-Election Rally


GBPJPY bulls must be very pleased with what November brought them. The pair has been steadily rising since the U.S. election, which caused a decline to 126.70. Nine days later, today GBPJPY climbed to as high as 137.57 and is currently hovering around 137.10. Could this impressive rally be predicted, especially after the strongly negative […]

Not the Time to Join the Bears in GBPCAD


The Pound Sterling has been the biggest loser among all other major currencies in 2016, so it no surprise it has falling sharply against the Canadian dollar, as well. GBPCAD was hovering close to 2.1000 in August, 2015, but after a series of crashes and selloffs it is currently trading below 1.6300. However, selling just because […]

EURGBP: Time to Turn Bearish?

eurgbp daily 1

EURGBP has been in a strong and steady uptrend since November 2015, when it finally managed to leave the area between 0.6930 and 0.7100. The consecutive bottoms were needed for the bears to realize the support zone there was too strong for them to breach. Last week, the pair climbed to 0.8724. But every trend is […]

Long Term Elliott Wave Vision in GBPUSD

gbpusd weekly 6.7.16

Do you remember, when GBPUSD reached 2.1159 in November 2007? Do you remember, when it fell to 1.3502 January 2009? Do you remember when it recovered to 1.7190 July 2014? Well, you better do, because these are the three key points, which paved the way for the crash we are currently witnessing. Wasn’t it Brexit, most would […]

GBPUSD Faces a Major Obstacle

gbpusd 4h

It has been a rough week for the GBPUSD. Just as it seemed the pair was going to approach the previous multi-month high at 1.4770, the bears ran out of patience and caused a plunge to 1.4385 so far. Obviously, the resistance of 1.4770 turned out to be too strong for the bulls to breach, […]

GBPJPY Ready to Break the Consolidation?

gbpjpy 23.5.16

GBPJPY has been moving sideways between 151.65 and 164.10 for more than three months now, which has probably made trading this pair extremely difficult. Just when you thought you finally know where GBPJPY was going, it decides to change its direction again. The best way to trade in such a directionless environment is to not trade at all […]