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Instinct (eBook)

What is the underlying cause of the endless cycle of peace and violence throughout the entire human history? Riots and wars? What do skyscrapers have to do with fashion trends? What do financial markets and music tastes have in common? What if they all depend on one single thing? “ Instinct ” is a book of fiction about the hidden engine of real-world processes. The dark side of the Elliott Wave principle…

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Suraj Kapur just graduated as a journalist in the United States. Unable to find a job, left by his girlfriend, who went on to pursue her glamorous career, Suraj finds himself pressed against the wall by depression. So when he hears that the most powerful man in the world, Nicholas Grant, who many call the Puppet Master, has decided to reveal his secret in a book, Suraj embraces the ludicrous idea to do everything he possibly could to be chosen as the author.
Is he going to succeed? What is he going to find? What is Nicholas Grant’s secret and why are the other few, who know it, willing to kill him, but not let him share it with the rest of the world?

This book is not about trading. It is about something much more important. “ Instinct ” will change the way you look at the world…

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