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Adding to Positions – How and Why?

Adding to positions while they’re still open isn’t something that’s usually a part of the initial trading plan. It’s more of an advanced skill and it can be used for both a winning or a losing trade. But what many traders underestimate is how this affects them in purely mental ways. When adding to a…

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Greed Not to be Mixed with Trading

Almost all people who go into trading are at least partially driven by greed. Maybe not in a bad way, maybe not in excessive amounts. But it is there. This is natural and is part of our human psyche. But it can lead to disastrous consequences if you let it drive your decisions and trades.…

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More vs Better Trades? Which is Best?

One of the most important challenges that new traders face is how many trades they should make. This issue can be the result of different types of experience – fresher traders might have a cautious approach and do less while they gather a bit of confidence. They could go for the guns blazing approach too…

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