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Overbought TRON Can Tumble 30% Against Dollar

TRON became the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market cap following a 135% surge in the last month. It surpassed Litecoin and Stellar on its way up and is now within a striking distance of Tether in the sixth place. TRXUSD’s recent performance can easily convince investors it is time to join the bulls. The problem…

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Trading with the On Balance Volume Indicator

On Balance Volume (OBV) is a volume-based indicator that aims to measure the pressure buyers and sellers exert on the markets. Its approach is to add volume on days that the price rises and subtract volume on days that the price drops. Developed in 1963 by the chartist Joe Granville it was probably the earliest…

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Technical Indicators: Beginner Guide

Technical indicators can be a traders’ best friend. They are like searchlights showing the path and deciphering complex situations where prices move in unexpected ways. But they can also confuse and obscure the picture. That’s why we decided to go over their building blocks and show how technical indicators should be used correctly. So let’s…

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Divergence and How to Use It in Trading

If you have been following us regularly, you must have noticed how often we use the word “divergence” in our analyses, usually when expecting a trend reversal. A divergence occurs when the price reaches a new extreme, while the line of the indicator, which measures the force behind the price move, does not. It means that…

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