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Litecoin Lost 50% in Two Months. Is the Pain Over?

Litecoin, the fifth largest cryptocurrency, lost more than half of its market value in the past two months. Between June 22nd and August 21st, LTCUSD fell from $146 to $70. Since crypto assets have no intrinsic value, investors often compare the current price to its higher level some time ago. This leads them to the…

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Litecoin Bulls Searching for Fibonacci Support

Litecoin, the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, reached its all-time high in mid-December, 2017, accompanied by most other virtual tokens, including the biggest one in the face of Bitcoin. The following crash, which erased almost 70% of Bitcoin’s market cap, wiped out over 71% of Litecoin’s capitalization after the price dropped from over $370…

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Litecoin Poised For a Short-Term Rally

The crypto revolution has already produced thousands of different currencies, many of which would probably fail to survive the test of time. One of the ones that maybe would is Litecoin. As of this writing, with a market capitalization of roughly $2.8 billion, Litecoin is the fifth largest virtual currency, behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and…

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