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EURAUD Bears Getting Tired. Bullish Reversal Ahead?

With only one day left, the Euro seems poised to end November in positive territory against the U.S. dollar, following a sharp decline in October. Unfortunately for the bulls, the European currency is still losing to some of its other rivals this month. EURAUD, for example, is down by over 460 pips since the start…

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EURAUD to the Target and Beyond

It was March 23rd, when “EURAUD Could Be Aiming At 1.51” was published. The purpose of that article was to determine which one of the two extremes – 1.4465 or 1.5085 – was more likely to be broken first by EURAUD. As usual, we decided to trust the Elliott Wave Principle and apply it to the price…

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EURAUD Could be Aiming at 1.51

The EURAUD pair has been in a downtrend for a month since February 11th. Then, on March 10th, the bulls woke up with a bang and lifted the exchange rate from 1.4465 to 1.5085 in just five hours. Today, EURAUD fell to as low as 1.4662, before climbing above 1.4850 so far. Which of the two…

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EURAUD Is Waiting for Confirmation

EURAUD has been steadily declining since February 11th, when the pair climbed as high as 1.6250, before eventually reversing to the south. Currently near 1.5250, there seems to be no shortage of signs that another significant reversal might occur soon. Let’s examine the hourly chart of the exchange rate, in order to visualize the Elliott…

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EURAUD With Great Growth Potential

On January 28th, 2015, we showed you our long-term outlook on EURAUD, suggesting that the pair is probably in wave Y down within a W-X-Y double zig-zag correction. Here is how the forecast looked like. The pair did not fell as low as we thought it will, but wave Y did make a new low…

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EURAUD With A Textbook Development

In the beginning of February, we posted a forecast of EURAUD, called “EURAUD Ready For Another Sell-Off”. In that material we applied the Elliott Wave Principle to the 4-hour chart of the Euro against the Australian dollar. This led us to the conclusion, that we should expect a large decline of roughly 1600 pips. The…

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EURAUD Ready For Another Sell-Off?

“Wave (B) could take the form of a triangle or an expanding flat. It is too early to say what it will be right now, but once it is finished, we will expect wave (C) of Y to the downside.” It’s been less than a week since we said that in “EURAUD Getting Ready For…

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EURAUD Getting Ready For 1.32?

Both the euro and the Australian dollar fell victims to the US dollar, but it is interesting to see the perspective, when they face each other. The charts of the EURAUD exchange rate could provide some very clear patterns. It is always wiser to start an Elliott Wave analysis from the big picture. So, Let’s…

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EUR/AUD buying chance

EUR/AUD buying chance could be in place. A five-wave impulse with an extended fifth wave, followed by a zig-zag, that retraces the entire extension at the 61.8 Fibonacci level. From an Elliott Wave point of view, we have plenty of reasons to go long here. Invalidation level at 1.5150, first target above 1,5540.