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Adding to Positions – How and Why?

Adding to positions while they’re still open isn’t something that’s usually a part of the initial trading plan. It’s more of an advanced skill and it can be used for both a winning or a losing trade. But what many traders underestimate is how this affects them in purely mental ways. When adding to a…

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Does the 10 000-Hour Rule Apply To Trading?

All good things come to those who study. At least that’s what parents say and it’s why some new traders start on an arduous journey of applying the famous 10 000-hour rule to their studies of the market. But is this number really relevant when it comes to trading forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies? To answer…

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Feeling Regret About Your Trades? Use it!

Just like with almost everything in life, trading can cause regret. Whether it’s for a missed opportunity or for a wrong decision, those little red and green numbers have the ability to push us into some pretty extreme emotions. Regret can control our behavior because it happens right after we’ve had a bad trade. It…

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Boredom in Trading: How to Overcome it?

There are times when there’s absolutely no boredom in trading but there are long periods when there’s no movement at all or your trading plan doesn’t allow opening a new positions. Other moments can actually be extremely exciting. The rush we get when we see a position become profitable is quite remarkable. The despair, anxiety…

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Breakeven Trades – How to Make the Most of Them

We all trade to make money. We focus our attention on the trades we made a huge profit on and we sweat over the ones that lost us part of our account. Breakeven trades don’t get so much attention. But what the majority of traders don’t realize is how important they actually are. First, let’s…

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How Much Time Should Trading Take if I Work or Study?

When many people start dedicating time to trading they can have some different experiences. Some might have a lucky streak with a lot of winning trades, even though they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Others might have no luck at all and lose trade after trade. This impacts the way they perceive how much…

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RSI – Understanding the Most Popular Indicator

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is probably the most popular indicator. Why is it so widespread? Maybe because of how universally simple it actually is or maybe because it aims to provide clear buy and sell points. That was indeed the intention of technical analyst Welles Wilder, who came up with it in 1978. He…

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