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Divergence and How to Use It in Trading

If you have been following us regularly, you must have noticed how often we use the word “divergence” in our analyses, usually when expecting a trend reversal. A divergence occurs when the price reaches a new extreme, while the line of the indicator, which measures the force behind the price move, does not. It means that…

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Price of Bitcoin Short-Term Vulnerable

In our previous article about the cryptocurrency, titled “Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC? No Problem!”, we expressed a bullish opinion, shortly after the price of bitcoin touched a low of $944. The positive outlook was motivated by the Elliott Wave interpretation of the 4-hour chart below. As visible, this chart made the classic 5-3…

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Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC? No Problem!

Last Friday, March 10th, the SEC rejected a proposed change in its rules that would have allowed the Winklevoss brothers to create the first Bitcoin ETF. Following the decision, the price of the cryptocurrency fell over 20%, from nearly $1290 to as low as $975 in a matter of minutes. And while the speed and…

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