AUDNZD Bulls to Show Their True Power

audnzd forex pair elliott wave chart

Nearly a month ago, on April 6th, the AUDNZD exchange rate was trading close to 1.0820, after falling from as high as 1.1018. But instead of buying the dip right away, in an article called “AUDNZD Navigating Through Elliott Waves”, we suggested traders would be better off waiting for the pair to improve the risk/reward ratio […]

AUDNZD Navigating Through Elliott Waves

audnzd elliott wave chart

AUDNZD was trading close to 1.0730 on February 21st, after a strong recovery from as low as 1.0324. Despite the speed and sharpness with which the pair was rising, the Elliott Wave Principle suggested the bears were likely to “drag the rate back down to the area near 1.0600, where new long opportunities should present […]

AUDNZD, So Far So Good. Bears, Beware.

audnzd 26.10.15

On September 2nd, we published “AUDNZD With Great Growth Potential”. However, one of the two most probable counts suggested “the pair could fall as low as 1.06, before uptrend resumes”. The only reason for this assumption was the daily chart of AUDNZD. It is given below. As visible, AUDNZD was trading near 1.1060 back then, which […]

AUDNZD With Great Growth Potential

audnzd count 1 on 2.9.15

AUDNZD has been trading between 1.1430 and 1.0900 since the beginning of July. Trading in ranges is much more difficult than following the trend. So, could we expect the pair to start trending soon? The Elliott Wave Principle might help us find the answer. Let’s check a daily chart of AUDNZD, in order to see […]