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Did we need a war in order to predict this? Russia

Tension between Ukraine and Russia has been rising for several weeks. Everyday you can hear all the media saying how the conflict is bringing the Russian stock market down. But did we need a war in order to predict this decline? Well, if we were fundamental analysts, the answer would have been undoubtedly “yes”. But…

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Socionomics perspective on skyscrapers

In 1940s, Edward R. Dewey hypothesized, that the tallest buildings are usually completed after significant market peaks. Now, 74 years later, this hypothesis is a good addition to the socionomic theory. The new science of Socionomics, founded by Robert Prechter Jr. in 1979, postulates that social mood drives financial, macroeconomic, political and social behavior, in…

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McDonald’s Corp., this one could be a good buying opportunity

On the chart of McDonald’s below you can see a clear 5-wave impulse to the upside with a fifth wave extension. 5th wave extensions are usually retraced completely, which means that the following correction leads the price back to the level, where the extension started – the end of wave 4. As shown on the…

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Socionomics perspective on prohibitions

Positive social mood drives prohibitions of substances such as alcohol and marijuana. Negative social mood drives tolerance and relaxed regulation. Tolerance increased during the bear market of the 1970s, then decreased for 20 years during the bull market. The numbers began to decline sharply following the peak of the broad Value Line index of stocks in…

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Socionomics perspective on music

Music reflects feelings, mood and trends. The first chart shows a stock market cycle (1950-1982) and the styles of music that were popular in the uptrend vs. the downtrend. In the 1950s and early 1960s, as the great bull market was underway, major pop music stars were young and energetic and their lyrical theme had…

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Stocks are sky-high! Should I buy some?

Stocks are in the atmosphere! Dow Jones has made a historical high in terms of price. Should we buy stocks? We at Elliottwave markets do not recommend buying stocks, because in terms of real money (gold), the Dow has been crashing since year 2000. The chart clearly shows us, that since year 2000, the Dow…

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Socionomic perspective on wars and diseases

Socionomics, the science of social prediction, pioneered by Robert R. Prechter Jr., provides education and benefits individuals and institutions through a better understanding of the dynamics of social and cultural change. Trends in collective psychology play a key role in the Elliott Wave Theory. Happy and optimistic people buy stocks, while pessimistic people sell stocks.…

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DJIA big picture, crash ahead?

The chart below shows that the price movement of the DJIA since year 2000 has corrective characteristics. In our opinion, an expanding flat correction has been developing after the orthodox top of wave “(3)”. Currently in wave “B”, we think that a new, massive crash for wave “C” of (4) is highly probable.