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Common Sense Killing Bears in S&P 500

Just like almost all other markets, the S&P 500’s collapsed after the British referendum results last week, as well. The political and economic uncertainty is not going anywhere so most might think the index was supposed to continue much lower. Well, the market did not think so. The S&P 500 bottomed out at 1990 and…

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S&P 500 Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This week is a disappointment in the making for S&P 500 bulls. Soon after the index climbed to a new multi-month high above 2120, the rally lost momentum, causing the prices to fall back down to 2099 so far. And since there is no point in searching for the reason for S&P 500’s false breakout,…

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S&P 500 Was Not Easy to Decipher

Last week the S&P 500 fell to as low as 2025 and the majority of experts and market participants were expecting the weakness to continue this week. But instead of simply extrapolating the old trend into the future, we made a careful and comprehensive Elliott Wave analysis, in order to prepare our premium clients for…

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S&P 500 Multi-Chart Elliott Wave Analysis

The S&P 500 had its worst week since the middle of February. Last week the index managed to reach 2100, which gave hope to the bullish majority, but eventually fell sharply to 2051 on Friday, April 29th. Most market participants are searching for “the Holy Grail” of forecasting methods, in order to be able to…

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Elliott Wave Reasoning in S&P 500

It was not the best start of a week for the S&P 500. The index opened with a bearish gap and continued a little further to the south, before finding support near 2064.50 and resuming the uptrend. And while the Doha oil talks failure can be used by mainstream media to explain the S&P 500’s…

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Predicting the Ups and Downs in S&P 500

Last week was very disappointing for the S&P 500 bulls with the index falling from 2079 to 2033. And just when the bears thought they were in control, the market found a way to break their hearts too by rallying back up to 2083 so far. The markets are notoriously known for changing direction, when traders least…

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S&P 500: Is “Black Monday” Appropriate?

They called it a “Black Monday” again. Every time the stock market crashes unexpectedly, they call it “black” day. It sounds good in the titles. It makes people click on the link and read the article. But what does it mean? An unexpected big sell-off, right? It seems the key word here is “unexpected”. But…

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S&P 500 Ready For 15 Percent Correction?

About a month ago we published “Dow Facing Another “STOP” Sign, suggesting this US stock index might be ready for a large correction soon. Major stock indices are known to be confirming each other, so we decided to take a look at the S&P 500 and see, if we could find similar warnings there. The chart…

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