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Procter & Gamble Stock Approaching Heavy Resistance

The lower the price paid the higher the return. This is a simple truth all stock market investors should keep in mind all the time. Yet, few really do. Procter & Gamble, for example, is the same strong company it was last year and the year before. Depending on the price you paid for its…

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Procter and Gamble Still Vulnerable

“Procter and Gamble” finished 2014  with fireworks, flying high towards $94. Unfortunately, 2015 has been singing a different song so far.  In the middle of March, the stock fell below $81. Let’s check what is going on by looking at a price chart and see if we could recognize an Elliott Wave pattern. It seems, that…

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Procter&Gamble, reversal ahead

Procter&Gamble lost almost 4$ of its share price, declining from 83 to 79.10 during the last two months. If we take a look at the wave structure, we will see a clear five-wave impulse, so according to the Elliott Wave Principle, we should now expect a three-wave rally. Our bullish expectations are further confirmed by…

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