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Natural Gas down despite Russia-Ukraine. Why?

The tension between Russia and Ukraine has been in the media for quite some time now. Usually when there is a conflict or some kind of a disaster somewhere and prices of oil, gold or gas are rising, reporters are constantly explaining how “the market reacted to the events”. But you do not hear the…

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EURCAD with some downside potential

The EURCAD pair finished its ending diagonal at a price of 1.5582 and then declined to 1.5000 in impulsive fashion. Normally, a correction to the upside started soon after and is currently in progress. As you can see on the chart below, we have an almost finished zig-zag a-b-c retracement in wave 2/B. Once it is completed,…

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Coffee is not so strong

Coffee has been in a strong uptrend during the last five months, climbing up from 100 to above 217, which was quite impressive. But as traders we must not get emotional and over-optimistic. Instead of buying just because prices are rising, we prefer looking at the charts, in order to see if they will keep…

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EURUSD on its way to 1.40

EURUSD seems to have finished its three-wave A-B-C zig-zag decline. Pay attention to the fact that the 61.8% Fibonacci level reacted as a support once again. In our previous analysis we stated that EURUSD needs one more pull-back lower to the 1.3760 area, before the resumption of the uptrend. As you can see on the chart…

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EURGBP developed well

On April 24th we showed you an intraday trading idea, suggesting that EURGBP should make a new top on the 15-minute chart. As you can see on the chart below, the situation developed well, with EURGBP climbing to 0.8250, which is above the previous high. The whole three-wave pattern now looks like a zig-zag A-B-C, with…

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China ETF. A bullish setup.

On the 1-hour chart of the China ETF we can see a very clear impulsive five to the upside with an ending diagonal in the fifth wave. Normally, after the end of this rally, a correction developed. It seems to be in the form of a double zig-zag labeled w-x-y. Ideally, after the 5-3 Elliott Wave cycle, long…

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The Swiss Market Index. Do not buy it.

The Swiss Market Index was among the many, which took a hit during the 2007-2009 global stock market crash. On the 10th of June 2007 the SMI reached its all-time high of 9550, only to crash to 4242 by March 2009. Now, five years later, it is in the zone of 8420, which is a…

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EURUSD down before up?

In our last analysis we were expecting an upside move in EURUSD and the pair really did rise, but the rally was limited to only three waves, suggesting that we are still in some kind of a corrective pattern. Below you can see an updated chart with a little relabeling. The corrective pattern, that started from…

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EURGBP short term idea

EURGBP made a small impulsive five on the 15-minute chart, followed by a three-wave decline. Wave (3)/C to the upside should start soon, which could be a good intraday buying opportunity. The invalidation level is at 0.8195, below the start of the rally.

Sugar, so far so good

A month ago, on March 23rd, we showed you this chart from our forecast on sugar: As the chart shows, we were expecting wave B up and wave C down, before the larger bull trend could resume. On the chart below you can see how the situation has been developing ever since. The updated chart shows…

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Dutch 25 selling opportunity

If you read our articles regularly you probably know what we are looking for – five waves in one direction, followed by three waves in the other. According to the Elliott Wave Principle, this is considered an excellent opportunity. A 30-minute chart of the Dutch 25 index futures is given below, offering us exactly what…

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EURUSD. Next stop – 1.40

On April 13th EURUSD was at 1.3885 and the majority of traders was still looking for higher levels. We, on the other side, were expecting a pull-back. As you can see on the chart below EURUSD dropped by 100 pips to 1.3785. What the chart shows is the common 5-3 Elliott Wave cycle, telling us that…

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USDJPY on its way down

In our previous forecast on USDJPY we suggested that the rally to 104.11, despite being quite strong, should be only a correction of the larger downtrend. In our intraday section we even gave you an exact entry point for the trade, which went according to plan with USDJPY falling by 280 pips to 101.31. Currently in the…

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Boeing Co. going down

Boeing Co.’s stock declined from 144.50 to 118.76 and has been moving sideways ever since. If we examine the fall we will see that it has an impulsive structure with wave 5 being an ending diagonal. According to the Elliott Wave Principle, after every impulse a correction should follow. In this case, that correction seems to be a triangle in…

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