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Singapore. The end of the bear market

The Asian financial crisis started in 1997 and spread vastly over other sectors of the economy. The crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of its national currency the Thai Baht. The government was forced to cut its fixed exchange rate (PEG) to the US$. As the crisis spread, currencies slumped, stocks and other assets…

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We warned you about Peugeot

Almost two months ago, on March 15th, we published an article, called “Peugeot SA could lose one third”. Reading: Peugeot SA could lose one third In that material we stated, that although Peugeot 308 had just been crowned “Car of 2014”, we expect a significant decline in the company’s stock prices. This chart represents the…

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Gold confirms intraday reversal

In our previous analysis of gold we showed you the following chart, saying that “wave 4, if a triangle, may still be under construction”. On the next chart you can see that wave 4 really did develop as a triangle, after which wave 5 to the downside completed the whole impulse. According to the Elliott Wave Principle,…

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EURUSD, it is time.

In this analysis of EURUSD we will look at the price action from two angles – conventional technical analysis and then the Elliott Wave Principle. As you will see, the two methods confirm each other, giving us a one-sided view for the Euro versus the US dollar. First we will examine the conventional point of…

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Gold is weak. What is the reason?

A month ago, on April 9th, we published an article about gold, in which we showed you two alternative counts. As you will notice, gold has been trading exactly according to the first one. When we made that forecast, the price of the yellow metal was 1310 dollars per ounce and rising, but we were expecting…

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EURUSD reached target. Now what?

“Considering the bigger picture, 1.40 seems to be a reasonable target for wave C up, but once it is reached, we have to be careful, because it might be the final top for EURUSD.” This is an excerpt from an article about EURUSD, which we published on April 22nd, when the pair was trading around 1.3800.…

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USDJPY. Calm before the storm

USDJPY has been moving sideways between 101 and 104 for over 3 months now. In our opinion, the moment of breakaway is just around the corner. The direction of this breakaway should be to the south. In order to support this statement we will show you two charts – 4-hour and 1-hour time-frames. Let’s start…

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Crude Oil according to plan

On April 8th we published an analysis on crude oil, in which we were expecting a decline soon. We were preparing for a sell-off, because we had a classical 5-3 Elliott Wave pattern. On the chart below you can see how crude oil looked like, when we made this forecast. The next chart will show you…

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Volkswagen AG update

Almost a month ago, on April 9th, we showed you our analysis of Volkswagen AG’s stock, stating that the uptrend on the 1-hour chart looks exhausted and a pull-back should be expected. On the chart below you can see how the situation looked like back then. As shown, we were expecting a decline in three-waves, because…

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Elliott works, even on a 5-min chart

Yesterday in our intraday section we showed you a forecast of GBPUSD on a 5-minute chart. All we needed was a five-wave structure, which we had, so we were expecting more strength from this pair. Below you can see how the chart looked like back then. On the next chart you will see how GBPUSD developed…

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Silver, intraday bullish signs

On the 30-minute chart of Silver we see a clear five-wave impulse to the upside, which puts our bigger picture scenario into action. However, according to the Elliott Wave Principle, after every five waves we should expect a three-wave move in the opposite direction. That is why we are waiting for wave (2)/B down, as shown on…

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GBPUSD intraday strength

Five waves to the upside on the 5-minute chart of GBPUSD means that we should expect new highs after the end of wave (2)/B down. The invalidation level is at 1.6820.

Hitler’s popularity is rising. Why?

On May 2nd 2014, “The Telegraph” published an article titled “Germany’s interest in Adolf Hitler at record levels”. Excerpts from it are given below. “Germans are more interested in Adolf Hitler than at any time since the end of the Second World War, a new study has concluded.” “The German Media Control research group, which…

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Daimler AG with a fake recovery

On the 30-minute chart of Daimler AG’s stock we see a clear impulsive decline in five waves from 71.25 to 63.95 euro per share. According to the Elliott Wave Principle, impulse waves show the direction of the larger trend, so in this case the larger trend is pointing down. But after every five waves, a…

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