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GBPUSD and the Fibonacci magic

GBPUSD formed a top at 1.6822 on February 17th 2014 and has been in corrective mode for more than a month, bottoming at 1.6460 on March 24th. If we look at the 4-hour chart of GBPUSD, we could see that the price action has formed a classical 5-3 Elliott Wave pattern. What is more interesting…

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EURUSD still on schedule for a crash

Bulls are getting more and more excited about EURUSD as it is getting closer to the 1.40 mark. But if we want to draw a line between financial decisions and emotions we need to look at the charts, because they show what is really going on in any market. For the purpose of analysis we…

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NVIDIA is in danger

NVIDIA’s shares took a bad hit during the 2007-2009 stock market crash. Prices fell down from an all-time high of 54$ to 6$, which is 89% devaluation. What is more important is the wave structure of the crash – a five-wave impulse for A. NVIDIA then bounced up to 28$, but rally was limited to…

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Pfizer Inc. at the end of the road

Pfizer Inc.’s four year bull market may be nearing its end. A five-wave rise from the end of June 2010 seems to be reaching a final top. According to The Elliott Wave Principle, a three-wave decline of equal degree should come next. The Relative Strength Index is providing even more evidence for a probable loss…

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India on the brink of a new era

In the end of 2008 India’s stock market hit bottom, finishing its correction of the rally form 2003. Since then there has been a strong, non-overlapping movement to the upside. The chart below is a classic example of the fractal nature of aggregate stock market price movement. We are identifying a series of 1s and 2s,…

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Siemens AG reached target

On the 4th of March 2014 we made a forecast that Siemens AG’s shares could go near 89$. However, we supposed that a little more upside was possible, but prices fell instantly and 10 days later, on March 14th, our target was reached. We want to stress that, when we made that forecast, we were…

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GBPJPY intraday update

Correction for wave (2)/B seems to be finished in the form of a double zig-zag w-x-y. Prices could start declining towards the first target of 167.00 south. Here is our big picture outlook on GBPJPY and on the chart below you can see how it has been developing so far.

Gold fell as expected

On March 12th we warned you that gold could slow down. We thought so, because on the chart of gold we were already able to see three completed waves, so it was time either for the end of the whole move, or at least for a pullback in wave 4. In both scenarios a decline…

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Carrefour SA, nearing the top

Carrefour SA started rising on the 10th of July 2012 and have been in an uptrend ever since. This rally began at 13 euro per share and peaked on December 2nd 2013 at 29.14. After adding over a 100 percent, it looks like it could go a little higher and the 30 euro mark could…

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AUD/USD, ending diagonal?

Ending diagonal, as its name suggests, is a reversal pattern, that occurs either in the position of wave C of a correction or as wave 5 of an impulse. On the chart of AUD/USD below you can see both cases. First, in wave 4 we have an ending diagonal for wave “c” down. Second, wave…

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GBPJPY, from large to small

GBPJPY bottomed in the beginning of October 2011 and has been in a strong uptrend ever since. The Elliott Wave Principle has taught us never to rely only on the trend, but to look into its structure, in order to determine in which phase it is now and what is left from it. So starting…

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Sugar trading opportunities

Sugar could provide two opportunities. The fist one is to wait until wave “B red” is finished and sell in order to catch wave “C red” down. Entries should be found around 17.80, stop loss at 18.50 and take profit at 16.10. If we look at the bigger picture we will see that this A-B-C…

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Crude Oil still bearish

Crude oil fell in five waves from 105.20 to 97 dollars. This whole decline happened, despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the expectations that it will push prices higher. It happened, because fundamental factors, news and events lag the market and have no impact on it in the long term. And just when everyone accepted that…

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Facebook with more uptrend?

Facebook began its uptrend in the middle of 2012 and started to accelerate in wave 3 in mid 2013. The upward movement is almost completed as wave 3 has become more extended than usual, estimated 3.618 of wave 1. As wave 3 progresses, volume is decreasing, signalizing for a coming correction in the face of…

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CRB index. Where commodities are heading?

CRB index is an index that measures the overall direction of commodity sectors. The CRB index was designed to isolate and reveal the directional movement of prices in overall commodity trades. The CRB index measures changes in the price of 22 commodities that are believed to be among the first to react to changes in…

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