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USDCAD is forming a triangle

The US dollar is still going sideways against the Canadian dollar, without making new lows or new highs, which suggests that USDCAD is forming a triangle. The chart below puts us in mind that wave (D) of the pattern is still developing. If this is the correct count, we should expect a decline in wave…

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Peugeot SA could lose one third

Should you be buying the recent pullback in Peugeot SA? Well, we do not think that is a good idea, because the dip is likely to extend. Many fundamental analysts think that this is an opportunity to go long in those shares, since Peugeot 308 has been crowned “Car of 2014” in the beginning of…

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MEDIASET to reach one last new top

On the daily chart of MEDIASET (ME) we could see one of the clearest impulses. It shows that wave (5) looks like an unfinished ending diagonal. That is why we expect MEDIASET to reach one last new top in wave 5 of (5), before turning down for a natural three-wave correction. The final peak should…

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EUR/AUD buying chance

EUR/AUD buying chance could be in place. A five-wave impulse with an extended fifth wave, followed by a zig-zag, that retraces the entire extension at the 61.8 Fibonacci level. From an Elliott Wave point of view, we have plenty of reasons to go long here. Invalidation level at 1.5150, first target above 1,5540.

You do not have to wait for Crimea

In our previous analysis on the Russian MICEX index we stated that the drop-off in the Russian stock market would have happened with or without the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Now we think that this market would soon start to recover, no matter how the conflict will end and no matter what the Crimea referendum will decide. We…

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Gold could slow down

Gold could slow down after 11 weeks of steady rise. The chart below suggests that gold has completed three out of five possible waves of advance. From now on there are two possibilities. First: gold will be limited to a corrective A-B-C. Two: Gold will decline in wave (4), but will rise again in wave…

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GBPUSD could provide two opportunities

In our opinion GBPUSD could provide two opportunities. The first one is to sell. On the 15-minute chart we have to wait for wave “b” to end around 1.6680 and go short for wave “c” down. This pair could fall as low as 1.6550. The second opportunity should occur, when wave “c” ends. On the…

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USDCAD could go higher

An impulsive advance in combination with a flat correction, suggests that USDCAD could go higher. If we add the 38.2% Fibonacci level to the analysis, we will have one more reason to expect a move to the upside.

What is going on with China and the other emerging markets?

China’s economic health is represented by the Shanghai index. Since the 2007-2008 crash China has been having huge difficulties standing up. There has been just a little upside movement and it looks corrective. After the short rally prices continued lower as the downtrend line remained mainly untouched, which indicates for an accelerated down movement. Usually…

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Crude Oil is heading lower

That five-wave decline on the 5-min chart means that Crude Oil is heading lower. Now could be the time for an upside movement, but a strong sell-off should be expected next. Here you can see where this pattern is placed in the bigger time frame – 1 hour chart.

Copper measures the strength of the economy

Industrial copper is a leading indicator of the economy’s health and moreover the strength of the world’s industry. The uptrend in copper coincides with the overall uptrend in the world’s industry and economy. This commodity took a hit at the end of 2006, shortly before the start of the 2007 downtrend in all industrial indices and…

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General Electric Co. down

On the 1-hour chart of General Electric’s shares we have something that looks like a perfect Elliott Wave 5-3 cycle. Prices fell impulsively from 27.96 to 24.30. Furthermore, a three-wave correction seems to be over as well. In our opinion, this is a good selling opportunity, because at least one more 5-wave decline should be…

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Bitcoin making a comeback?

We are detecting a possible impulsive rally for Bitcoin, which started on 21st of February after falling more than 92% and bottoming at 95 dollars. Impulses show the direction of the trend. If this is truly an impulse, the new trend is up. If this is the correct count, it will mean that Bitcoin is…

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Crude Oil steady as it goes

Crude Oil extended its five-wave decline, dropping by more than 5$, from 105,25 to 100,10, despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict. So, from a fundamental point of view, this fast drop-off was rather surprising. But from an Elliott Wave perspective it was naturally expected, as you can see from our analysis on February 25th. As shown below, after…

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