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GBPUSD, five moves predicted

On March 11th we showed you our analysis on GBPUSD. We were then considering a double zig-zag correction under construction, with waves “b” and “c” of Y left, after which the uptrend was expected to resume. On the chart below you can see how the situation developed. So, the market has been going according to our forecast…

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Where the protective stop should be?

It is not difficult to get emotional about trading. And as many of you probably know, emotions are rarely helpful, when you have to make financial decisions. So, what can we do as traders, in order to protect ourselves from our own human imperfections? And the answer is one – to put our protective stop…

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Siemens AG reached target

On the 4th of March 2014 we made a forecast that Siemens AG’s shares could go near 89$. However, we supposed that a little more upside was possible, but prices fell instantly and 10 days later, on March 14th, our target was reached. We want to stress that, when we made that forecast, we were…

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Gold fell as expected

On March 12th we warned you that gold could slow down. We thought so, because on the chart of gold we were already able to see three completed waves, so it was time either for the end of the whole move, or at least for a pullback in wave 4. In both scenarios a decline…

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Gold developed well

In our intraday analysis on gold from yesterday we were expecting the yellow metal to drop at least to 1373. As you can see on the chart below, gold developed well, falling from 1384 to 1350 in an impulsive manner. The white rectangle shows where we were yesterday, when that forecast was made. After every five…

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Crude Oil went well

In our analysis from March 16th we were waiting for a decline in wave 5. That forecast of crude oil went well and on the chart below you can see the result. A clear impulse to the downside suggesting that the main trend is pointing south. Trend direction is now expected to reverse for a…

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Crude Oil steady as it goes

Crude Oil extended its five-wave decline, dropping by more than 5$, from 105,25 to 100,10, despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict. So, from a fundamental point of view, this fast drop-off was rather surprising. But from an Elliott Wave perspective it was naturally expected, as you can see from our analysis on February 25th. As shown below, after…

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We warned you about Bitcoin. Did you listen?

The first chart below was posted on our Facebook page on November 27th 2013. Bitcoin was at its record highs around 1100-1200 back then, but we were warning you that it is already in corrective mode and a steep decline has to be expected. In the days after, the virtual currency peaked higher twice, but…

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Did you expect gold’s recent rise? We did.

The chart below was posted on our Facebook page on January 2, when the price of gold was 1210 $. We would like to remind you that back then all the fundamentals were pointing down. Some experts even stated that gold will go below 1000 during the first two months of 2014. We, at Elliott…

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