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  1. An Elliott Wave forecast of the most probable scenario. Just like any other analytical method, the Elliott Wave Principle cannot guarantee what will happen in the future. However, it provides the most probable outlook on financial instruments.
  2. All alternative scenarios. Good traders never rely on a single perspective. Instead, they search for the less likely scenarios too, because “less likely” does not mean “impossible”. The more alternate forecasts you have in mind, the more prepared you will be for whatever comes.
  3. Analyses of all important time-frames. The trend might be pointing down in the short-term, but up in the long one and vice versa. Traders need to be aware of the trend on all of its degrees, in order to know where they are and what to expect.
  4. A thorough and professional explanation for every single chart, analysis and wave count. What does it mean for the instrument in question. Key price levels. How would we trade it or why we would not trade it. Price targets and stop-loss levels. Everything you need in Elliott Wave analysis.
  5. All of the above, packed in a single, easy-to-use file. As soon as you open it, you are ready to see the world of the financial markets like a professional Elliott Wave analyst.

It is important to investors, who assess the strength of the stock market. It is important to traders, who are constantly seeking to take advantage of the market, in order to make profits. It is in the news, when it is rising. It is in the news, when it is falling. From euphoria to panic, the S&P500 stock market index is so important, that you would hardly find a market participant, who is not watching it closely. Trouble is, that most economists pay more attention to economic data, than to stock market indices, which is why economic crises usually catch them off guard. If want to be ahead of the news, the S&P500 Elliott Wave analysis is for you.

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    I am being mentored with respect to Elliott Wave Theory, and my mentor suggested I subscribe to EWM. My mentor is held in high regard in Elliott Wave Circles. His opinion was that I could learn much from Alex and those at EWM. They have not disappointed! They are responsive to questions and needs while providing the most understandable evaluations using EW Theory that I have found. We continually defer to their analysis and are in agreement with their eventual forecast more times than not! EWM is a proven first rate Service and Educational Source for al levels!

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