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Not all the data is easy to comprehend, so this is why we made this category. Since our job is to educate, we have made infographics.
They provide an easy way to understand different types of information, by presenting it visually.

The Skyscraper Curse


In the 1940s, Edward R. Dewey hypothesized, that the tallest buildings are usually completed after significant market peaks. This infographic will show you six market crashes, that occurred throughout a period of more than a century, as well as eleven skyscrapers, corresponding to these crises. They all seem to be confirming Dewey’s hypothesis. Is it […]

The Iceberg of Trading Success


Most people’s idea of a trader is someone, who just sits on his desk, making tons of money, while drinking his coffee. In reality, things are far more complicated. When the wanna-be trader makes his first steps, he usually reads about a forecasting method, which promises a great success rate. So, he decides that once […]