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Precious metals

Gold has been considered the ultimate safe haven for many years. That 30% decline in the price of gold in 2013 showed that the market simply does not care about traditions. Want to know where bullion and other precious metals are going next? This is the section to be in.

Gold Bulls On The Losing Side Again?

gold 7.4.15

The last time we wrote about gold was February 17th in an article, called “Gold Bears Ready For The Last Fight”. The yellow metal was trading around $1220, while we were expecting the decline to continue. The chart below shows what the Elliott Wave Principle was suggesting almost two months ago. As visible, we were […]

Palladium With Two Bearish Counts

palladium count 2

In our previous forecast of palladium we suggested, that the precious metal is probably in the middle of an A-B-C zig-zag correction to the upside. We thought so, because there was a complete five-wave decline before that. The Elliott Wave Principle states, that every five-wave sequence is followed by a three-wave correction in the opposite direction. On […]

It Took Silver Only Ten Days

silver 1.12.14

“This recovery could be limited under the $17 mark… We should not be surprised by price of silver below $15.” It was November 21st , when we made this forecast about silver, titled “Price of Silver: Upside Could Be Limited”. Ten days ago we pointed out, that the wave structure of silver’s recovery seems to be corrective. The chart […]

1210 To Discourage Gold Bulls?

gold 22.11.14

More than two weeks ago, on November 6th, we published an article, called “Gold With More Than One Option”. In this material we gave you two alternative counts of gold, both of which suggested for a corrective recovery. The only difference between the two scenarios was in the depth of the anticipated retracement. Here we […]