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Precious metals

Gold has been considered the ultimate safe haven for many years. That 30% decline in the price of gold in 2013 showed that the market simply does not care about traditions. Want to know where bullion and other precious metals are going next? This is the section to be in.

Gold or How to Predict a Brexit

gold daily 20.6.16

Gold is considered to be a “safe haven” in times of uncertainty. So the common logic says that when something totally unexpected happens, such as Brexit, panicked investors buy gold to protect themselves from the falling prices in other markets, thus causing the price of the yellow metal to surge. So far so good. The […]

Gold: Did You Buy the Dip?

gold 1h 6.20.16

Gold has been doing great recently. The precious metal rose to as high as 1316 and having in mind the rally initially began from 1046, it is no wonder last week’s pullback from 1316 to 1276 was looking like a good ”buy the dip” opportunity to most people. Unfortunately, the price of gold tumbled even more […]

What Went Wrong for Gold?

gold 4h triangle may 16

What wont wrong for gold? Ever since the precious metal bottomed at $1046 in December, 2015, it has been steadily rising. Six months later, in the beginning of May, the price of gold rocketed to nearly $1304. And just when everyone thought the rally was going to continue even higher, the bears decided they have […]

Gold, Premium Forecast Update

gold 30m 29.2.16

Gold just rose to $1272.42 so far after being trapped in a consolidation for about three weeks. Could this breakout be predicted? Could we explain it with some economic or geopolitical factors? Probably, yes. But what would be the point? The move has already happened, we cannot profit from past developments. Besides, finding the reasons behind the […]