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Knowing the trends of prices in different commodities is key, because they are used to produce many final products that we use in our daily lives. Some commodities are leading indicators which measure the economy’s health.

Crude Oil: A Vital Alternative Count

oil daily march 7

Crude Oil was timidly trying to recover in the beginning of March, after falling to as low as 26.03 a month earlier. Just 3 months later, in June, it nearly doubled, reaching the vicinity of 51.60 dollars a barrel. Most bears were probably feeling too enthusiastic about the downtrend, which has been in progress for about two […]

Crude Oil: Before and After

before oil 4h alt 2

It was an interesting and, more importantly, volatile week for the price of crude oil. It initially fell to $35.20 on Monday, but the bulls regrouped and managed to lift it to $39.82 on Friday. The only thing every trader is interested in is if these violent swings could have been predicted. Well, in our […]

Crude Oil Was Worth Waiting

6- crude oil 15m

Yesterday, March 24th, crude oil fell to 38.32 a barrel and people were rushing to offer an explanation for the weakness. Some said that the reason behind the slump is the mounting U.S. stockpiles. Other suggested it is the strong dollar. Iran and Libya’s refusal to join OPEC’s output freeze agreement was also among the many […]